How To Recognize Remote Employees

how to recognize remote employees worker award recognition

Even before the global health crisis situation, remote and mobile work was increasing in prevalence throughout the U.S. and the world. For example, the International Data Corporation estimated the U.S. mobile worker population would grow to 115 million workers by next year. That number may be even higher due to the effects of the coronavirus. 

For years, managers had been working on strategies to ensure productivity and performance from mobile and remote workers, and now they have had to speed that up significantly. 

One area of focus that many managers are seeing as an obstacle is how to recognize and effectively reward remote and mobile employees. 

Recognizing all employees, including virtual employees, is critical, particularly since remote employees are less likely to be engaged and more likely to quit. 

Consistent recognition of employees can show them that you care about their well-being, and you appreciate their efforts, no matter where they’re working. 

The following are some ways to recognize and even reward remote employees. 

Have A One-On-One Meeting 

If you are managing mobile or remote workers, and you want to recognize one person in potential, you can have a face-to-face virtual meeting. This is a good way to show your employees that they are being seen and that they are appreciated. 

Plus, having a one-on-one meeting with a manager can help employees feel more connected to their employer overall. 

Be Specific In Your Praise 

There are different formats where you can provide written recognition of an employee’s good work. For example, you could post it on a group chat, or you could send it out in an email that goes to everyone in the company. 

Regardless of how you send it out, make sure you’re very specific as far as what you recognize an employee for. 

You want not only that employee to know their specific behaviors that bring value to the company, but you want other employees to see that and take note as well. 

While some employees might prefer private recognition, for others, the public element of recognition can be greatly appreciated and further motivate them. You may need to use your judgment to determine what will work best for an individual employee. 

Be Timely 

Don’t wait if you see something that should be recognized as far as an employee’s actions or results. Recognize it as soon as is reasonably possible. Instantaneous recognition can be a powerful motivator and can resonate with employees. 

For example, you could send out a brief email, mention an employee during an online meeting, or you could mention that employee on your chat platform. 

Provide Opportunities For Growth And Development 

One of the best ways to create value for your entire organization and recognize great employees is by providing them with opportunities for growth and development that can ultimately lead to promotions. 

When you’re willing to invest time and resources into developing employees, they’re more likely to stay with the company, and it’s going to improve their level of motivation. 

Unfortunately, professional development often gets lost as a priority when employees are working remotely. 

Work toward designing growth and development programs with specific metrics, and use them to reward your employees. 

Remote employees can tend to feel stagnant even more so than employees who work in an office environment. Keep things fresh and engaging for them while also showing that you believe in them and their future with the company. 

Send A Delivery 

If you see an employee doing something great, you can always have something delivered to their home to show appreciation. 

For example, maybe you send them lunch, which will also have the added benefit of helping suffering local restaurants right now. 

Give Time Off 

When your employees are going the extra mile, even in the difficult situations most of us are currently in, show appreciation by giving them extra time off. You could give them a three-day weekend, for example, or let them work a half-day. 

Peer Recognition 

Finally, you don’t have to be the only one recognizing your employees for it to be effective and motivating. You can also implement options for peer recognition. This will help strengthen your company culture and sense of teamwork as well. 

Get creative and let employees nominate their coworkers for recognition using certain hashtags. You can then post them on company social media or your conversation channels. 

The Right Recognition

Regardless of the specifics of how you do it, employee recognition remains critical to your overall success as a team. Don’t let remote work stop you from recognizing your employees who deserve it.

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