3 Surprisingly Profitable Micro Business Ideas

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Micro Business ideas are easy to find. But the ones that suit you might be difficult. Though through this blog, you will get unique ideas for your next profitable microbusiness. 

These three top microbusiness ideas are as follows: 

1. Online Education 

There is plenty of scope in online education. You can be a teacher, moderator, or tutor. You can even open a learning portal online. If you have a strong network of students, you can open tuition classes. 

These tuition classes need not be held on big platforms. You can host paid webinars and seminars easily online. This would happen only when you are a subject matter expert. You can be an expert in anything you have experienced in life. This would require hardly massive investment from your end. 

You can simply start online education businesses by hosting classes for the subjects you know very well. You can spread the message along with your close circle. They should know that you are starting with such a venture. 

Do not forget to mention the timings, schedule of the classes, payment details, and arrange a certification for students or learners if possible. This would make their time valuable. You can generate an e-certificate also, or design it yourself. 

Benefits Of Online Education Microbusiness 

• You are already aware of the subject. 

• You don't need to rely on or conduct a lot of research. 

• You would start with your immediate network. So, you already have multiple leads ready to learn from you. 

• There's no need to invest any money as such. You only need to spend time on marketing yourself. You would then need time to make the course ready and circulate the same on the webinar or any learning portal online. 

• There are already many free learning portals for both students and educators. Therefore, you must not worry about the learning tools either. 

2. Freelancing Business 

Freelancing is the core side-hustle for all those who want to try to make their passion a profession. There are multiple new and existing freelancing websites where you can register yourself as a freelancer. There, initially, you do not have to pay any paid-up capital. Then you set up the online account. 

This online micro business idea must include credentials like: 

• What work have you done before? 

• List of the projects you handled before 

• The expertise test which is available on the site: take it if you can 

• Upload any certification number for the potential clients to check your credentials online 

• Your educational background. It might be optional, but it does not harm to write it on your profile. 

Don’t forget to ask your existing clients or past clients to leave a review or testimonial on your profile. That is how you gain more weightage over other similar profiles in the subject for which you are showing yourself as an expert on the freelancer site. 

Benefits Of Freelancing

• You are your boss. 

• You work as per your schedule and the orders you get. You are the one in control of orders and the income you can generate for yourself. 

• You can grow together with other freelancers, behaving like a remote team. Then, you only pay them when you get paid. 

• There is less risk and more advantage to earn a perfect name in the online freelancing industry. 

3. Pet Services 

Pet services are always a winning idea for a micro business, especially if you live in a wealthier area. While your mind might immediately go to dog walking, that’s far from your only option. You can also make some surprisingly good income from pet grooming, behavioral training, dog sitting, and even scooping dog poop (no, really!

The things you’ll need to open this kind of business varies from service to service, but the barriers to entry are lower than you might expect. Here are a few good places to start: 

• Start by offering dog walking or dog sitting services, so you can get to know the owners. Learn about what other pet services they could use, so you can determine local demand. 

• Brainstorm services you would like to offer, and then go through the local competition on Yelp or Google to see where they fall short. 

• Find local pet forums and look for service and referral requests that went unanswered. 

• Speak with a local pet supply store to learn what unmet services are in local demand. 

Keep in mind that some kinds of business services may require special permits, so be sure to check with your city hall or local licensing department to learn more. 

It is also worth thinking about less common pet services that may have less demand in your area, but also have next to no supply. For example, there might not be any service providers in your area that specifically work with birds, fish, or reptiles, so specializing can help you stand out in a crowded market.

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