8 Staff Appreciation Ideas That Will Work Well

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Did you know that studies show 80 percent of employees who feel as if they're appreciated by their boss tend to work harder and feel more motivated while at work?

It's true! When an employee feels like the work they do is appreciated, then they will want to continue working harder.

If you appreciate the work that your staff does on a daily basis, make sure to recognize them and reward them in some way. 

Keep reading for our guide on the eight best ways you can show staff appreciation that your employees will love. 

1. Employee of the Month

One great way to show your employees that you care as well as get them motivated to do the best that they can is by choosing an employee of the month each month. This is a great way to show your team that management does care about what they do and then recognize them for doing good. 

You can post the employee of the month on your company's social media to celebrate them or even hang a photo of them up in the office somewhere. You should also make sure to go out of your way to get each employee of the month a special treat whether it is a dessert, lunch, or even a gift card to one of their favorite places. 

2. Surprise Them

Another fun thing that you can do to show your employees that you recognize their hard work is by surprising them with fun things. Everyone loves surprises especially if they're good surprises! You could bring in donuts or bagels one morning to show them you appreciate them. 

Showing appreciation can be done in a number of ways such as letting employees leave a bit early after a tough day or if they got all of their work done. Surprising your employees with little treats that show your appreciation will really make them motivated to get work done. 

3. Host a Movie Night

A great way to show your employees that you really appreciate them is by hosting a movie night for everyone to kick back and relax. There are tons of different movie night ideas where you can rent a huge screen for an indoor or outdoor movie night. Have your employees bring their family or friends or just keep it exclusive to employees so that they can all bond together. 

Plus, you can have tons of movie night snacks. Make sure to get lots of popcorn, soda, water, and all the movie candy you can think of. Your employees will love taking the night off to relax and watching a movie. 

4. Potluck Lunch

Planning a potluck lunch and giving your employees a bit of time away from work to socialize is also an inexpensive and great way to show your employees that you appreciate them. You can ask everyone to bring their favorite dish to the potluck so you can learn new things about your fellow coworkers. Make sure you also participate by bringing in your favorite dish to pass. 

5. Catered Lunch

If potluck style lunches aren't your style, then you could also cater a lunch for your employees to show how much you appreciate them. Everyone loves lunchtime at work so let your employees have a good break by getting lunch for them. 

Having lunch together with your team is also a great way to bond with them and let them know that you recognize all the hard work that they put in. You could even take some time to play some fun team building games during lunch. This is a great way to make the whole office feel less stressed and share a laugh together. 

6. Award Night

Another way to appreciate your employees and give them a fun time away from work is by hosting an award night. You could come up with awards that are specific to your office and then pass them out at a special ceremony. 

You could do an award night either during work or set some time aside outside of work and make it a special party. Let your employees invite their significant others so they can see them claim their award. 

7. Peer-to-Peer Recognition

When you're the boss you're in charge of a lot of things so sometimes it might be difficult for you to catch all the great things that your employees do. Since you won't be able to see everything you should create a peer-to-peer recognition program. This would mean that an employee could see one of their coworker's going above and beyond so they recognize them for it in some way. 

Having a contest or drawing is the best way to get others to recognize each other for the hard work that they do. You could have people write something good that their coworker has done and then do a once a month drawing for a special prize. 

8. Don't Forget the Holidays

Sometimes working in an office can be chaotic and you forget about all the fun holidays that we celebrate throughout the year. If your office works on holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, or even big holidays like the Fourth of July you should make sure that you take the time to celebrate. 

Passing out Valentine cards to your employees with handwritten messages is another awesome way to let them know how much you appreciate them. You could do this in a different and unique way for each and every holiday. This also helps to make coming to work more enjoyable. 

Make Sure to Show Staff Appreciation All the Time

You shouldn't just set aside special times to show your staff that they're appreciated. Instead, you should make sure that you're always showing staff appreciation especially when one of your employees goes above and beyond. 

Overall, a simple "thank you" can go a long way as recognition for some people. When they see that someone appreciated their hard work, then why will be more motivated to keep up that same momentum. 

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