Cosplay Makeup Tips

cosplay makeup tips

As we all know, cosplay makeup is very different from our usual beauty makeup, and the core difference between the two is that they serve different purposes.The purpose of cosplay makeup is not only to beautify oneself, but also to reflect the character's characteristics through makeup. Many people are curious about the differences in cosplay makeup, so what exactly are the differences in cosplay makeup? 

1. Before Makeup You Must Do A Good Job On Skin Care

First, use an oil-absorbent tissue to absorb excess oil, and then use the spray to spray evenly on the skin of the entire face, and finally use your hands to gently pat the facial skin to promote water absorption. Don't forget the hairline on the forehead and on the sides of the temples. It's not necessary to dip the foundation into the sponge in a circular motion, so that the foundation will naturally blend with the skin under the roots of the hair, and remember not to forget the skin on the chin and neck. 

2. Laying On The Powder Is An Important Part Of Making Your Makeup Long-Lasting And Less Shiny

Fold the powdered puffs over each other to disperse excess powder, then gently press the puffs into the palm of your hand and finally press the powder onto your face. 

3. Adjust The Contours Of The Cosplayer's Face

Highlight the areas of the face that need to be highlighted by placing a shade 1-2 degrees lighter than the base foundation. The lightest color is between the two eyebrows, spreading out and radiating around the face. The head of the nose is seen as a circle, making a circular diameter and highlighting upward along parallel lines, connecting with the forehead. The highlight between the eyes is the brightest, and fades after the eyes. The shadow is indistinguishable from the shadow: on the face where it needs to shrink, use a more basic foundation 1 to 2 degrees deeper than the color, mainly in the corner of the jaw, with a makeup brush from the corner of the jaw is fan-shaped faintly open. 

4. There Are Many Different Ways To Draw Eyebrows In Cosplay

To match the needs of the character, the eyebrows are usually raised in an exaggerated manner, so there is little pattern. One detail to keep in mind is that a close distance between the eyebrows will make the bridge of the nose appear higher, while a far distance will make the bridge of the nose appear shorter. 

5. Cosplay The Eyes

brighten up the eyebrows by gently applying a light-colored eyeshadow, such as white or off-white, to the brow bone area with a large shadow brush. As a base, brush the lightest color on the entire upper eyelid except the brow bone area. Curve the eye with a black eyeshadow or a black eyeliner pencil and apply it all over the eye socket and the base of the upper eyelashes. Finish with silver eyeshadow on the lower eyelid. For women's makeup, big, round eyes look great, while for men, on the other hand, long, thin, flattering eyes are more popular. 

6, Cosplay Is Not Suitable For Dark Lip Makeup

In cases where the lips appear flat, a small amount of lip gloss can be applied to the middle of the lips. 

Creative Cosplaying

There are many more cosplay tips and tricks, and you can find the ones you need on the Internet. So if you want to become a cosplay makeup artist, you must actively study and keep practicing so that one day you can become a great makeup artist. Finally, if you like anime, if you have a hobby of collecting accessories, if you like cosplaying, if you like role-playing, then come to Cosplaylab, the quality and price of the cosplay costume on Cosplaylab are so wonderful that I think you will definitely be impressed.

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