How to Use Meeting Minutes to Stay On-Task

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Did you know that the most productive meetings have less than 8 people? Meetings do not always have to include everyone in the company. Learning how to take effective meeting minutes is a great way to keep those that do not attend the meeting in the loop.

Keep reading to learn how to make effective meeting minutes. 

Why Have Meeting Minutes?

Have you ever been to a meeting where you left feeling like it was a waste of time? You are not the only person that has ever felt like this. The reason meeting minutes' help is because it keeps everyone on track. 

Instead of wasting everyone's time and leaving feeling unproductive everyone is able to stay on the same page and the meeting time is used wisely. There is no getting off-topic and everything is effective. 

Selecting Topics

You want to make sure that you select topics that affect everyone on the team. Your audience should be put first. 

In order to get the most out of the meetings, you want to discuss issues that affect the entire team. The decisions at the meetings should be about solving these issues that are brought up. You can use online meeting minutes to keep track of everything that is discussed.


Take the time to delegate who will be responsible for leading each topic on your agenda. The more people you have involved during the meeting the more each team member will participate. 

Keep in mind that you want to organize who will be in charge of each topic ahead of time to give the person responsible time to prepare. You can rotate team members during each meeting.


Every topic that will be discussed during the meeting should have an allotted time. This will give you a concrete time of how long the meeting will run and respect everyone's time. 

A lot of times meeting times are underestimated which is why setting an allotted timeframe will help keep everyone on track. 

What to Include in Your Meeting Notes

You want to make sure every time you have meeting notes you add the date of the meeting, the name of the meeting, and the goal. Next up is the agenda here you have the short re-cap of the topics that will be discussed. 

After the topics, list everyone that attended the meeting and list anyone that did not attend. Next on the list is any decisions that were made during the meeting. Last but not least anything that is assigned to teammates to do by the time the next meeting comes around.

Time to Get More Out of Your Meetings

Now that you know more about effective meeting minutes you can have a more productive meeting at work next time. Time to have everything organized and efficient vs having a chaotic meeting that does not get anywhere.

Did you find our article on staying productive in business helpful? Come back often for all things business-related! 

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