How to Set up a Google Meet Conference

how to set up a Google meet conference meetings remote

According to a report by Security Brief, more than two million people are using Google Meet for the first time every day. This explosive growth is due partly to the pandemic, and partly to the high quality of this free service.

Google Meet is one of the absolute best ways to have an online meeting with two or more participants. Not only is it free and intuitive to use, but learning how to use it takes just a few minutes.

Read on to learn all about how to set up a Google Meet for your next meeting!

What Is Google Meet?

You can think of Google Meet as a Google-made version of Zoom. Until recently, it was a premium service that only G Suite plan owners could access. Now, Google has made Google Meet free for everyone to use!

Since Google Meet was originally designed to be used by paying customers, it was designed to meet exacting standards so that customers would be sure to get their money's worth. Now, you can enjoy that same quality in virtual conferencing today without paying a cent.

Google Meet allows up to 100 people to participate in a video call. There is no time limit of any kind of calls, which is a big advantage compared to Zoom. Unless you're paying extra for it, Zoom doesn't allow calls to last longer than 40 minutes.

Another powerful reason to use Google Meet is that all virtual conference in Google Meet are end-to-end encrypted. That's the most powerful technology available to ensure secure calls.

How to Set Up a Google Meet Event

If you want to know how to plan a virtual meeting, the first thing to do is join Google Meet. You can find the Google Meet page on or Gmail to make your account for free.

Once, you have an account, simply go whenever you want to start a meeting. From there, you'll see the Start New Meeting button. Pressing that will prompt you to select which of your Google accounts to use.

Once you've decided, simply click Join Meeting. That will create the virtual conference and enter you into the conference room.

If you need to know how to lead a conference, then you can simply press the buttons in the virtual conference room to add others to the meeting.

That's everything you need to know about how to use Google Meet! As you can see, getting started is simple and fast; you can literally have your first meeting open with guests invited five minutes from now if you so desire.

While many meetings can and should be done online, sometimes an in-person touch is essential. For in-person meetings, a quality corporate meeting space is key to putting your business in the best light. 

Make the Most of the Free Online Tools Available

We hope you learned something helpful about how to set up a Google Meet meeting in this brief piece. Just because social distancing is in place doesn't mean you can't have meaningful meetings remotely!

To learn more about all the free and affordable tools you can use to grow your business like Google Meet, check out our other pages. Visit the Tech section of our Bootstrap Business Blog to learn remote work software and other technology tips.

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