Reasons Why Teachers Should Opt-In For Google Calendar

reasons why teachers should opt-in google calendar organize schedule

Google Calendar has had a makeover! It helps anyone manage their tasks and events. Over the years, people across all professional fields and students have been using this app. The app is also beneficial to teachers and professors. 

Are you a teacher and are in two minds regarding using Google Calendar? If yes, you can refer to the pointers below and make an informed decision. The benefits of Google Calendar for teachers 

1. It Helps To Coordinate With Your Loved Ones 

One of the primary reasons to use Google Calendar is to connect with your near ones. As the way it works helps you know how your husband and other family members are placed. Most partners today have busy lives, and it is essential to stay aware of each other's routines. Google Calendar helps you to coordinate your academic schedule with your personal life. 

2. The Color-Coding 

Color coding is actually very useful. You can use Google Calendar to color multiple code calendars. For instance, the shared calendars that you can access can get color codes as well. You can also do the same for events. Hence, it's recommended that you set up a key. You can use red for your events which are crucial, and it will get your attention in an instant. Do you teach different groups of students? If yes, you can use two colors for two different groups. That will help you check the online class schedule for both. 

3. Scheduling Appointments With Parents 

Arranging appointments with parents is an essential task for teachers! A perfect instance for that is the parent's teacher evening. Hence, if you an Education user for G Suite, you get access for the Appointment Slot function. You can provide various slots to parents depending on the time you think each requires. There's no scope to double book yourself here, and that's the best part. 

4. You Can Add Hangouts To The Appointments 

Even though at times it gets mildly complicated, Google Hangouts is a great choice. At times, users get a little confused when they want to share the hangout with a person and the like. Now you have the option to add Google hangout in the Google Calendar appointment option. 

Hence, once you are in your calendar, you can create an appointment as well as invite the person to the appointment. You can further add hangouts to the appointment directly. Hence, instead of sharing a link right before the hangout session starts, till such time you get invited by the people, and they accepted Google Calendar, you both can use the calendar. Both parties can open the scheduled appointment and have access to Google Hangout from the appointment. 

5. Arranging Session Plans 

Google Calendar can help in organizing session plans for teachers. If you create the session plan in Google Drive, you can choose to attach the session plans to the Google Calendar appointments. It is also a chronological and stunning visual to stay well-arranged and organized.

Teachers can resort to Google Calendar for ease of use and streamline their daily schedules as well. Once you understand the benefits mentioned above, you can make an informed decision.

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