12 Awesome Gifts For Teachers

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There are going to be special occasions where you are going to want to encourage your child to give a gift to their teacher. But what exactly makes a good teacher gift? 

Well, for starters, you will want to avoid giving that wonderful person who has been working on molding the mind of your child something that isn’t a dust collector. You know, knick knacks or objects that are going to just sit on a desk or shelf until another item comes along and replaces it. 

The best gifts for teachers are those that can be considered as practical and heartfelt. To make it easy, you can do well if you seek a gift for your teacher that can either be used in the classroom or something that brings a little pleasure to the life of that wonderful educator. 

Just remember to keep your budget modest and avoid expensive, unusual gifts that could violate your local school policy on such matters. That is why we created this handy list of the 12 awesome gifts for teachers. 

Great Gifts Perfect For The Classroom 

1. Pastel Personalized Pencils 

It may seem like a small gift idea, but when teachers are often faced with having to replenish some of their classroom supplies out-of-pocket, having a few personalized pencils around will help and also put a smile on the face of that special teacher. Available in a set of 12, with the name of your teacher engraved on them, these hardwood #2 school pencils will be cherished. 

2. Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator 

Instead of always having to photocopy lesson sheets, why not give your teacher an eco-friendly alternative? With this laminator, lesson sheets can be laminated, used with dry erase pens and reused for many years in the future. Talk about giving a gift that keeps on giving. 

3. Yearbook Photo Book 

Thanks to new technology and the ever-expanding choice of online photo printing services, it won’t be hard to put together a photo book of favorite shots snapped during the school year. This is a great gift for the end of the school year or particularly for a teacher about to retire. 

4. Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers 

This is a classroom gift that will be greatly appreciated and often used. Dry erase markers make learning fun and clean up afterward a breeze. Available in a set of 16 markers, all in vibrant colors, each one comes complete with a chisel tip for bold or light writing. 

5. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens 

Another teacher pleasing gift is a set of these classic yet functional felt pens. They have a medium point (0.7mm) and come in a set of 12 in assorted colors. Classroom projects will have a new look once your teacher and his or her students get their hands on these. 

6. Apples To Apples Junior 

This is not only an educational game that will help teach students words to expand their vocabulary, but it is also a fun, social game of interaction. For the teacher who likes to teach through engagement, this is the gift that will see a lot of use in the classroom. 

Just For Him / Her 

1. Spa Treatment Gift Certificate 

There are those days in the life of the average teacher going home to the comfort of a warm bath and cuddling up on the couch in front of the TV are not always possible. But a trip to the spa can fix that and give that special educator a reason to get pampered. 

2. Bath Accessories 

Bath salts, soaps, scented candles, and essential oils are all welcome gifts for hard-working teachers. If your goal is to give your child’s teacher something so that they can take it home and use it after a full day on their feet and running around, bath accessories are a good win. 

3. Custom Star Map

 Created by Twinkle In Time, this online service allows you to create a unique gift that captures the sky in a way that will be a gift that will be hard to match. With information such as date and location, a Star Map with the stars arranged in the sky at that specific moment is printed on a large poster suitable for hanging. Choose a special date for your teacher that won’t be forgotten. 

4. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle 

Show that wonderful class leader that you value their health by providing them with a stunning water bottle from Kool8. Featuring double-wall insulation and construction from BPA-free materials, your gift can be used for hydration breaks or even keep their tea warm during class. 

And if your favorite teacher loves coffee, check out this awesome list of gifts for coffee lovers too! 

5. Healthcare Screening Kit 

One way to display how much you value your child’s teacher is with a gift that assists them with their healthcare journey. At ImAwareTM you can order and send one of several different at- home screening tests that can result in proactive engagement with doctors sooner and more control over health conditions through better education and screening. 

6. Desk Calendar 

During the school year, your child will get a better idea of the personal likes and dislikes of their teacher. You can capitalize on that by gifting a desk calendar that features a theme of a topic that falls under the ‘likes’ list. If that teacher is fond of European vacations, puppies or the color green, you’ll be able to match that easily with a desk calendar that shows you pay attention. 

Mark That Occasion With A Great Teacher Gift 

With a dozen options to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect fit for your child’s teacher. By sticking to the theme of either a classroom gift or a heartfelt gift and a modest budget, you will be able to put a smile on that teacher’s face. 

Your gift will be appreciated and equally understood as something given in thanks for the hard work that the educator puts into teaching your child and a classroom full of other children as well. Teachers deserve recognition from students and parents and the list above will help you to do this just right.

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