How to Craft an Impactful Brand Image

how to craft impactful brand image

Did you know that 59% of people prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with? Whether you are a new business or a seasoned business owner understanding the importance of brand image can make wonders for your company. Your brand image is everything about your business in one package. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and a little defeated when it comes to building your brand image, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn the key points to remember when you create your brand image. 

What Is Brand Image?

Before we dive into the 3 key points to remember when building your brand image, let's go over what exactly brand image is. Your brand image is how every person will view the purpose and identity of what your business stands for. 

Please remember that every person has their own way of perceiving a brand. You do not have 100% control over every visitor or client that you will engage with across your platforms. The best thing you can do is implement a brand image that will talk to your ideal client. 

Gather Data

First things first, you have to gather your data by doing market research. Think about who your target audience is and what they are interested in seeing. Take the time to build customer personas if you haven't done so yet and learn who you are going to target through your branding process.


An essential part of your brand image is your logo. This is going to be important whether you are rebranding your business or starting from scratch. Creating your logo is not something you want to rush through because this is going to speak volumes about your brand and your business identity. 

You can either have a professional make your logo or get your creative juices flowing and use a logo maker to design your own. There are endless options when designing your logo, from only color to one word to your company name. 

Brand Voice

Next up is establishing your brand voice. This is the voice that will come through with every interaction that you have with your customers. Your voice will be noticeable through your emails, blog, social media, customer support, and website. 

Your brand voice has to be aligned no matter which way a customer interacts with your business. You do not want a different voice when they are on your website and then go deal with your customer support and have two totally different experiences. 

Time to Create an Impactful Brand Image

Now that you have our top tips about creating an effective brand image, it is time to put everything you learned into action. Make sure that you enjoy the entire process and have fun making the perfect image for your company. Remember no two brands have an identical brand voice, the point of being in business is to stand out from your competition. 

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