Choosing An Air Conditioning System For Your Business

how to choose commercial air conditioning system units for business

Every business owner knows the importance of controlled temperature within the workplace. Not only does it make the space more comfortable for employees and customers, but in a way, it also protects company assets. Commercial HVAC systems are indeed a necessity, regardless of the industry you work in. 

But installing commercial air conditioning is not quite that simple. First, you need to understand that there are different types of HVAC systems specifically designed for commercial use. If you are not using the right kind, your business is in danger of spending more than is necessary. This article will discuss some helpful tips on how to choose the right HVAC system for your business. 

Identifying What Your Business Needs 

Commercial air conditioning systems function beyond cooling the indoor temperature of your workplace. Some of the typical business needs you have to account for include: 

• If your business is a retail store or restaurant, the commercial air conditioning system should also keep refrigerators and ice machines cool. 

• If the business operates a building with multiple stories and rooms 

• If the company is an educational institution, which may involve different cooling needs compared with other industries 

• Valuable machinery and electronic equipment require a controlled temperature to function. 

Indeed, commercial air conditioning systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. After taking into account the specific needs of your company, you can better decide and choose the most suitable cooling system. 

Different Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems 

The following types of air conditioning systems are commonly used for commercial establishments. 

Single Split / Multi-Split

A single-split system is ideal for small businesses like cafes, a small office space, and the like. This type of AC system only has one exterior unit attached to one indoor unit. On the other hand, a multi-split AC system has a bigger and more powerful outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Offices with several rooms, a retail shop, a big restaurant, and similar businesses typically use a multi-split system. 

VRF / VRV System

VRF means Variable Refrigerant Flow, and VRV means Variable Refrigerant Volume. A VRV or VRF system can either use a heat pump or heat recovery. If you have a heat pump system, it can provide both heating and cooling. This type of system is best for open floor plans. A heat recovery system, on the other hand, simultaneously provides heating and cooling, which is a better option if there are several smaller rooms within the same office floor. 

A VRF or VRV system is often used for large buildings and corporate offices. When a business has a warehouse, it is also necessary to have additional cooling equipment like ceiling fans and evaporative coolers. Since warehouses are often enclosed, this extra equipment helps provide proper ventilation

In addition to identifying the individual cooling needs of your business, you may also have a professional HVAC installation company customize an air cooling system for your office space. Professional installation companies know which system can provide optimum cooling and at the same time, ensure that you conserve energy and minimize waste.

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