Efficient Climate Control In The Office

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An office with the wrong temperature is often an ineffective workplace. 

That might sound like an exaggeration but it becomes clear when you take into account just how distracting and disturbing it can be to work in an environment that is too hot or too cold. 

With the right heating and cooling systems in place, the office can be an efficient and comfortable space year-round. 

Choosing the best heating and cooling systems for an office is not as easy as it may seem. 

It’s not surprising to learn that there is no true ideal temperature, at least not for everyone. 

Nearly half of all office workers say their workplace is either too cold or too hot. It’s not uncommon to have someone reaching for a desk fan to cool themselves down, sitting opposite a colleague snuggling up with a blanket. 

The real problem arises when the majority of the workplace is considered too hot or cold. 

That is where the issue becomes one with the choice of the overall heating and cooling systems and not just the thermostat. 

Tempers And Temperature 

While there can be an office dispute about exactly how hot or cold it is – or feels – there is no doubt that something as simple as the office temperature has a significant impact on productivity and workplace comfort. This can mean anything from headaches, short tempers and even shorter attention spans. 

Depending on the time of year and the clothing worn by staff, the optimum comfort for sedentary or desk work is between 20°C and 26°C. 

As a general rule, the temperature within an office should vary according to the outside temperature. This should be changed from month to month. Despite personal preference, the office should be about 21 or 22 degrees. Any necessary adjustments should take into account that the air conditioning reaches all areas in the office, and that windows that receive substantial quantities of direct sunlight are not causing localised problems. 

Often the problem lies with the air conditioning units. These can be underperforming because of the need for servicing, or that the direction and rate of airflow are unsatisfactory.

The Problems With Air-Conditioning For The Office Space 

It is difficult to regulate a comfortable temperature using a simple air conditioning system. The variations in temperature and humidity can be down to factors such as; 

· Workstations directly in front of or below air conditioning vents; 

· Air vents use of deflectors in order to direct airflow away from staff. This measure will prevent the problems of draughts; 

· Direct sunlight (radiant heat) controlled with blinds & louvres; 

· Draughts and thermal differences between the head and the feet (thermal gradients); 

· And adequate airflow. Low rates of airflow can lead to feelings of stuffiness, whereas draughts are the result of when airflow is high. An airflow rate of between 0.1 and 0.2 metres per second is desirable. 

Comfort is the underlying issue that needs to be addressed. When you feel comfortable in your workplace, it is easier to focus on the work itself and not the feeling of being too cold or too hot. 

While it is true that individual preferences vary, and it's almost impossible to please everyone, especially when you have a difficult building or office layout to deal with, everything you can do to make sure people are comfortable will pay off. 

The Humidity Factor 

An often-overlooked factor in making sure that there is efficient climate control in the office environment is humidity. 

If the level of humidity is too high, this can cause significant discomfort including excessive perspiration, exacerbating the effects of high temperature, feelings of stuffiness, being crowded in and claustrophobia. If the humidity levels are too low, this can cause serious issues such as respiratory problems. 

Office And Warehouse Heating And Cooling 

In the ideal world, there would be a sustainable way to control the temperature in the office or workplace. 

Hydronic heating and cooling is that sustainable option. With special flexible room-by-room control, you can not only set the ideal temperatures for those particular rooms but it will also lower your running costs. You have the ability to heat or cool only those areas that are being used

Hunt Commercial is committed to offering cleaner, greener heating and cooling systems. As the supplier of a wide range of energy-efficient products which boast extremely low emissions and constant temperature monitoring capabilities, you can ensure your system and your workplace is operating at its highest possible efficiency. 

For more details, talk to the experienced consultants who can support you with product selection, planning, and organising installation. If you have any questions on design support and advice on hydronic heating systems - the team at Hunt Commercial have the answers.

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