Does Your Office Have Clean Air?

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Have you ever considered whether the air in your office is clean or not? It is in everyone’s best interest to have a clean air to breathe in and out while working. Given the fact that there are usually a lot of people in one room, who are coming in and out, it can be a perfect place for the growing of unhygienic substances like dirt and dust. It is even harder to control if the building has an inferior air filter and the poor ventilation. Therefore, it will be a good solution to add a clean indoor air quality (IQA) system if you are designing a new office, or adding it to your current office. It is going to be helpful for you to create and achieve a healthy workplace that will also benefit you and your employees. 

What Are The Warning Signs Of Bad Air Quality In Your Office? 

There are several warning signs which identify the condition where the air in your office is not in a good quality. For example, you can’t ignore the complaints from more than one of your co- workers about their respiratory problems or headaches while working. Some of them may sneezes or have itchy red eyes. These health issues should be sufficient to fix the air quality in the office. 

Moreover, the air quality can also turn into a total nightmare if the flood hits your building. The flood waters that are entering your office will make the humidity level increase much higher than before. In this situation, molds, dust, and bacteria can quickly breed, no matter how large the room is. To prevent any further harm, it is necessary to get rid of the flood water from the office. 

However, this is not as simple as it sounds to accomplish, in fact it will put you in a danger. The flood can be extremely dangerous as people can fall in, get trapped and drown. Not to mention that your safety might be harmed by the hidden danger like bacteria and viruses, poisonous animals, electrical issue, and other unwanted troubles that you may face. You would not want to put your life at stake, because it is essential to always prioritize your own safety. That’s why we recommend you to call for help from a professional flood restoration Australia to remove the flood water and clean your office after the flood. 

How Can You Prevent The Indoor Air Pollution In Your Office From Having Negative Impacts To Your Health? 

You need to make sure that your personal space stays clean. You should pay more attention to every surface that attracts dust and accompanying unhealthy particles. It will be the best idea to keep your desk tidy, and keep the space of surface as little as possible. Throw all unimportant stuff and waste from beverages, meals, or snacks, before they turn into an accumulated junk on the table. If you follow those steps we mentioned above, less pollutant will be produced in the room. Equally important is that you don’t need to worry anymore about the air quality that can bring you illnesses, because you have tried your best to prevent it from happening in your office. 

Moreover, you should be aware of the existences of windows in your office room. You need to open up the windows for a while and let the fresh air to fill the room. If the weather is nice, you should consider opening up the door as well. It will help the fresh air circulates more effectively. 

Last but not least, you have to maintain the humidity levels in your office. If the level of humidity is between 30% and 50%, then the level of dust and other allergens are inconsequential. If it is more than 50%, then your office is officially a place for undesirable things to breed. Manage the uses of air conditioner and dehumidifiers to control the level of humidity in your office. 

Clean Air Conclusion

The indoor air pollution may be something that you haven’t realized, but it has a big impact to your health. You should coordinate with your office mates to maintain the air quality in your office because it will benefit everyone. Keep in mind that your safety is your own responsibility.

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