Get Your Company’s Fleet Of Vehicles Intelligently

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When your business needs a fleet of vehicles or pickup trucks, it’s important to take the most fiscally prudent approach possible. There are all kinds of expenses relating to operating vehicles from insurance, fuel, and even parking. 

With this in mind, your business can save valuable money by obtaining the cars or trucks inexpensively. For many businesses, this means finding a commercial leasing program that’s flexible and accommodating. If your company depends on vehicles to get the job done, here is the best way to get them on a budget. 

Specialized Leasing Business 

For a wide range in vehicles that can tackle any job, you should check out a Ford dealership that also has its own leasing division within it. This is the best way for customers to get more leverage with their leaser, and the benefits which stem from that. 

You can choose between a range of short- and long-term lease programs, from 12, 24, 36, 48, to 60 months. Only get what you need, and for a great price! 

The initial flexibility continues throughout the process, as you can lease to own if during the lifetime of the vehicle you decide outright ownership makes the most sense for your business. Make sure to discuss the terms of the buyout program, and look for a dealership that’s excited to tell you about their generous terms. 

Tax Benefits 

It’s essential to consider the tax implications of leasing a commercial fleet of vehicles. Leasing gives you more flexibility, because unlike with loan payments, it doesn’t keep you tied down to making payments on an asset that’s worth less than the initial loan. 

You must be able to prove that 50% of the driving done is related to business, and only the driving done in relation to carry out business can be written off as a business expense. Make sure you define what kind of driving your fleet is expected to do, and find a path in leasing that has the most advantageous tax terms for your company. 

Wide Selection, Everything You Need 

Find a dealership that stocks all the vehicles you need right there on the lot, and offers the best prices possible. You’ll know you’ve found the right dealership when they offer no restrictions on kilometres driven and a quick and easy upgrade program. 

Industry leaders have new and used inventory available, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks with all approved upfitter equipment. You should be able to walk onto the lot, find precisely what it is you need, and drive away with a deal you love. 

Final Words

There is a range of industries that depend on transport vehicles, cars and pickup trucks for their business. If you need a suite of vehicles to get the job done, take the time to figure out the most sensible path, so you get all your needs met with the maximum flexibility, and at the lowest price possible.

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