A to Z of Shopify Login Problems (And Solutions)

shopify store login problems shop logging in solutions

Do you know how popular Shopify has got in recent times? 

More than 87% of merchants around the world use the Shopify platform to avail its premium business privileges. E-commerce has been an impactful milestone of the 21 st century. Shopify is a trusted app store that provides access to over 2,400 applications to run your business smoothly. With the help of the Shopify platform, you can manage and customize your online store. It is an ideal platform for small and medium size entrepreneurs. You will be able to sell in multiple places such as web, social media, online marketplaces, or pop-up shops. You just need to sign up for Shopify and then you will be able to set up your store. 

You can use your personal computer, laptop, or smartphones featuring both iOS and android operating systems to complete your login. The other way of using this can be through the Shopify app. 

The following information is used to login to Shopify and solves other problems regarding your account. 

● You can install the Shopify app and use it on your phone by logging in with the required user ID and password. 

● One can also access Shopify from multiple accounts 

The following steps must be followed in this case 

● You need to download the Shopify app at the initial stage. 

● Open it and navigate through the necessary Shopify login information

● In the event that you already have a Shopify account tap login and simply provide your email address and password to access the Shopify store. You can also sign up for a new Shopify account if do not already have an existing one. 

● In case you have access to multiple Shopify store which is linked to a single email address, then the best thing for you to do is enter the domain ending in myshopify.com (Whichever account you want to login to) then tap the login option. 

How To Help Yourself In Case You Have Lost The Password To Your Account? 

Upon entering an incorrect password during Shopify login, the server will ask you to verify if you are a robot during your next login attempt. The verification steps are required to be completed each time if your browser is in the incognito mode. 

If you have recently cleared your browsing history which might have also deleted the last login details, verification is required to be done again. Wait for all the images to load before you click on the verify button. If you have forgotten your password, there is a way to reset it. Click on the forgot password option that will send a reset link to your registered email ID which you can use to retrieve your account. However, if one forgets the registered email ID or password for that email account, then contact support for further assistance. 

How To Login To Multiple Shopify Accounts? 

The following steps can be used to complete this procedure. Once you login to your Shopify app, tap the store button. 

● There is an account name at the top of the screen which you need to tap on. 

● After that, you will see an option, log in to an existing store. 

● Put your required email address and password for that particular account that you wish to access. 

● Tap on the login button. 

It must also be mentioned here that whichever account you have recently logged in to is the new active account. If later on, you wish to access information for a different logged into account, there is the option for switch accounts which makes the procedure quite simple. 

How To Log Out Of An Account? 

The following steps are required for logging out of your Shopify store

● Whether you are accessing the Shopify store from your desktop or smartphone, tap on the store button from the Shopify app. Then go to settings for completing the remaining procedure. 

● Two options will be displayed on this particular page. One is to log out from your current and active account and the second is to log out from all the accounts whose information are saved on your Shopify app. You can choose either of them according to your convenience. 

● After choosing the option according to your requirement, tap the logout button. However, you can access your account anytime simply by providing Shopify login details.

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