Your Best Tips For Selecting The Proper Promotional Giveaways

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Marketing and promotional strategies can range from joining trade shows and exhibits to making use of digital marketing tools, but at the end of the day, you want the marketing and promotional strategies you choose to work and have a lasting effect on your brand. But various strategies can’t be easily measured; it’s not easy to measure your marketing success because it’s not something as tangible as profit and loss. 

But your marketing efforts will not be in vain if you can make sure that you can boost your reach and create more recognition and awareness for your brand and its products or services. One way to boost your reach and create brand recognition and awareness is with the use of promotional giveaways. But the promotional items you choose should be a good investment, meaning they should be useful to your customers. How, then, can you make sure you are choosing the proper promotional items? Here are some best tips for selecting the proper promotional giveaways. 

Know Your Objective 

It's essential that you know your objective from the beginning. What would you like to accomplish with your giveaways? What kind of outcome do you want to achieve when it comes to your marketing campaign? Would you like to increase recognition for your brand, or would you like more people to become interested in your products or services? Are you looking to get more high-value clients in a specific period or timeframe? When you know your objective(s), you can determine how much you are willing to spend on the items and how much effort you should devote to the campaign as well. For instance, designing personalised items or giveaways is a brilliant way to get noticed by a niche audience, especially when your products are high-end, or you have a refined or selective audience. On the other hand, if you would like to target as many customers as possible, you can go for low-cost items that can spread brand awareness. 

Know Which Categories Are Popular And Tried And Proven 

You should know that your options are virtually unlimited if you want to create customized promotional merchandise. You can create some 'branded' items which you can distribute to your customers and make them feel special, and your choices range from customised t-shirts, hoodies, and caps to tried and tested items such as drinkware (mugs, tumblers, and glasses), bags, writing instruments such as pens and pencils, USB drives, desk and office supplies, and calendars. 

But it’s also important for you to select a product which gives your customers the most value. And, for more impact, you can go with a product that is related to your industry or niche. If your customers are mostly professionals in business, they would probably appreciate desk and office supplies as opposed to hoodies, for example. 

Know Your Audience 

The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be to choose the best promotional giveaways for them. Focus on giving them a lasting impression of your brand and business. Consider relevant factors such as gender, age, occupation, and family status, as these will all play a big role in how your customers view the promotional giveaway's value. Also, consider the lifestyles of your target audience. Additionally, are you trying to sell to individual consumers or businesses? Is your audience comprised mainly of men or women? 

Here are some additional tips: pens always offer the best in value when it comes to marketing impression and cost, and older customers often appreciate calendars, same with rural customers as well. Young adult customers between the ages of 18 to 34 often appreciate desk and office supplies, whilst suburban customers like drinkware with logos. Have fun, and good luck with your promotional merch items and business giveaways!

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