How To Choose Promotional Products For Your Brand

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Unless you have been living under a rock, there is a high chance that you are in possession of many pens, mousepads, notebooks, or mugs from different hotels, banks, and other companies. That is the beauty of promotional products – they might not be valuable, they might be ubiquitous items, but you will always remember the brand that handed the things to you. 

An impressive number of studies show that promotional products, including customized mugs and paperweights, branded pens, and apparels, help to boost brand recall. The distribution of promotional products among the target market can create a positive impression of the brand among the recipients. 

Several newer categories of promotional products are already coming out in the market, including flash drives, Bluetooth dongles, Bluetooth headsets, headphones, laptop stickers, car stickers, and decals. According to the studies, some of the best business items are the ones that appeal to the target audience and encourage the use of the brand products. 

What Are The Most Popular Promotional Products In NYC? 

Several products have found their way into the promotional market. Thanks to the advent of new printing technologies, it is now possible to personalize almost every daily use item, including glasses, mugs, coasters, pen stands, clocks, pens, and cutlery. People love promotional items that increase the convenience of daily work. While looking for promotional products that are within your budget, but highly efficient in boosting your brand image, you should consider the following items:

1. Pens 

People have and always will be in love with branded pens. You just need to ensure that they are of standard quality and reusable. People should not feel like throwing them immediately after one use. Click, and ball pens are the safest options in this category. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly options that do not encourage wastage. Here's why we love branded pens – 

 They are useful, and people need to carry a pen with them all the time 
• People find a use for these pens while taking notes, filling out forms at the bank or taking surveys at the local mall 
• They promote the brand's name and logo when people use them in public 
• People often share their pens, and others get a good look at the branding 
• They are inexpensive, yet quite useful as promotional items. 

2. Custom Apparel 

Hats, hoodies, and t-shirts are good giveaways for all brands across the US. Check out the leading promotional products in New York City to learn more about the positive impact customized apparel has on the brand image. NYC is always in a rush, and people don’t have the time to stand and admire billboard ads anymore. Distributing apparels is the best way to turn every patron into a walking advert for your company. Here’s why we think custom apparels work as promotional products: 

 People wear good quality and humorous branded clothing 
 They are massive hits near the beach or gyms 
 They are expensive, but classy giveaways during events and activations 
 They always boost visual promotion 

3. Drinkware 

Whether it is mugs or whiskey glasses; you are making the right choice if you are thinking about giving away promotional drinkware. Only a handful few don't love cute cups and stylish shot glasses in NYC. Additionally, people need drinkware all the time, and the people of NYC report that promotional mugs and glasses have saved an unplanned party at their place more than once! 

 No one throws mugs away after using them once! 
 They share drinks with their friends 
 They are handy for morning coffee and evening tea, or drinks with friends 
 They are almost always aesthetically pleasing 
 Digital printing in NYC can make each mug and glass unique for the consumers 

4. Umbrellas 

Who does not need an umbrella in the city? Whether it is a tiny one that fits inside a purse perfectly or a giant family-sized umbrella for the front porch; multiple companies in NYC have begun to give our branded umbrellas as promo merch gifts to their customers. 

 They are durable and reusable 
 Bright colors and bold branding attracts the attention of the passersby 
 Good quality umbrellas are durable, and people can use them during summer, rains, and winter 
 It is a good investment if you want to skyrocket brand recall 

The Power Of Promotional Products

There is no scarcity of branded promotional products in the market. The right promotional product for a brand depends upon their budget, consumer demographics, and brand services. It is not always necessary for the promotional product to reflect your products and services, but if you can find something that relates to your business services directly, then there is nothing like it. For example – if you are a paint manufacturer and distributor in NYC, you might offer branded coloring books to your consumers. There is no better way to remind the patrons of your brand and quality products than to provide them with a part of your palette.

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