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If you are a new entrepreneur, then there are probably some terms you come across that you don’t fully understand. One of those terms may be ‘promo merch' (short for merchandise of course, also referred to by some as 'swag'). For someone with little experience, this might not make any sense to you. So, we have created a guide that will tell you everything your business needs to know about promo merch; what is it, how can it be used, and many more questions will be answered. 

What Is Promo Merch? 

Promo merch is short for promotional merchandise. This is basically where you create merchandise purely for promotional purposes. That is how promo merch is used, to promote your business. 

Your company might offer a service, but you sell or giveaway promo merch as a marketing tactic to gain more exposure. As it says on Brand Watch, promo merchandise is very good with regards to brand recognition too. 

How Should You Use Promo Merch? 

You should use promotional merchandise to advertise your business. The best way to do this is to create merch that people will find useful. Create things and slap your brand logo on them, that’s really all there is to it. If they’re products people will use a lot, then you’ll get a lot of visibility. 

What’s The Best Promo Merch To Create? 

There are loads of things you can create and use for promotional purposes. However, there are a select few items that are the best for this. 

Think about things people will use every day and will get out in front of lots of people. Drinks bottles fit this description perfectly. There are many varieties of drinks bottle you can use as promo merch. People will have them out all the time taking swigs of their water, and it brings great exposure to your brand. 

Shopping bags are another great example of this. People need bags to carry things in, and they’ll often go for a nice shopping bag to do this. They’ll carry their stuff around in your branded bag for all to see. The more people that use your bags, the more exposure you’ll get. 

Pens are also a great piece of promotional merchandise. Everyone needs a pen and will use a pen throughout their day. Therefore, whenever someone gets a pen out, they will show off your brand, which promotes it to others. The great thing about pens is that they’re very cheap to purchase too. 

USB sticks are also so popular and effective. Everyone uses them these days, they’re cheap, and will help promote your brand incredibly well. It's also a great way to associate your business with technology and professionalism.

If there’s one piece of promo merch, you should avoid its t-shirts. Hardly anyone will wear your branded shirts apart from your employees and diehard customers. It’s simply not worth the cost of making them and will often times end up in donation bins (not a bad thing) or collecting dust in a closet somewhere. 

Powerful Promotion Products And Masterful Merch

After reading this guide, you should have a better understanding of promotional merchandise/products. If you’re looking for an effective way to increase brand awareness and promote your business, then promo merch is certainly worth considering.

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