How To Clean Your Air Conditioner

how to clean your air conditioner unit ac maintenance a/c repair

An air conditioner is an asset in your home or office that soothe you with as great cooing in higher temperatures. Over time, you see that your air conditioner starts working slow and harder, as it’s unable to gain the same level of cooling as the AC did before. If you are suffering from the same then it means the AC is demanding for cleaning. We know everything needs to be cleaned after a particular time and air conditioner maintenance is also necessary if you want the same cooling in the hot and humid temperature. 

While in the air conditioner maintenance cleaning is a critical element that helps in keeping your air conditioner well-working for longer. So, clean your air conditioner by spending a few moments with some patience, time, and precision and do clean the AC for better working

The Cleaning Of Air Conditioner Requires These tools And Materials 

1. 1-in-1 screwdriver 
2. Shop vacuum 
3. Leather gloves 
4. Fin comb 
5. Rags 
6. Household cleaner 
7. A/C coil cleaner 
8. Electric motor cleaner 

Now we shall proceed to the next step of cleaning after gathering all the essentials. Many people think that the slow working of air conditioners means that there is a low refrigerant but this is not always the reason. Some other reasons are there that exist behind the low cooling of the air conditioner is that the condensers and evaporator cooling fins and coils will go to clogged after a specific period. So, you need to adopt proper air conditioner maintenance so that it works in a better way. Let’s check the cleaning procedure with steps: 

Step 1 Of Air Conditioner Cleaning

Initially you need to take off the holder or trim panel. While snapping off-take help because it’s heavy. On the other hand, if you are cleaning the unit of window A/C then you need to take off the frames and case as well. the screws of the case are fixed in the bottom edge. Always check out the location of the screw because there are some other spots in the same place. If you don’t locate the points and fix the screw at the wrong position then you’re A/C won’t go to work properly. 

Step 2: Comb Out The Mats 

- Use a fine comb to straighten the bent fins for the highest cooling. 

- For fin spacing on the coils, you have to match and fix the fin comb of your air conditioner at the correct edge. 

- Enter the fin com into the A/C to pulling the fins in an upward direction. 

- You have to wear leather gloves before doing this takes, as the gloves will protect you in avoiding wounds and cuts. 

Step 3: Remove The Curd 

You need to buy two cans a/c coil cleaner, as it requires to wipe out all the curd from both the coils. 

Step 4: Clean With Foam 

- Foam cleaning is the deep cleaning but, which all the curd, dust and unwanted particles go to remove with the foam cleaning that makes your AC works well. 

- You can use the directional brush for cleaning the fins of the air conditioner as it will move in all the sides and gives a deep cleaning. 

Step 5: Fan Motor Service 

- Along with the foam cleaning you need to clean the blades of the fan with the household cleaner and a rag because only the foaming wash of fins is not enough for the highest cooling. 

- In addition to the blade cleaning, you need to take care of the fan motor. If your motor has plastic or rubber inducing ports then pour a few drops of the motor oil into it that makes the easy working of your motor. 

- Now you need to wash out the air conditioner unit air filter. 

Step 6: Fix Everything The Same As You Opened Before 

Fixing the accessories and then re-install the system. Follow these essential steps for proper air conditioner maintenance. Doing so will help you a lot and makes your air conditioner to blow healthy and cool air. It will go to furnish you with the lowest temperature that will help you in avoiding hot and humid temperatures. Now stop feeling hotness when your A/C is on. Just clean the AC unit properly and set the temperature you want.

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