15 Interesting Plumbing Facts And Tips

most interesting plumbing facts plumber tips

Have you ever come across a weird plumbing question or an interesting fact? Yes, there are a few facts and tips related to plumbing that people are still unaware of. Find a few of them below, and know some instances to enhance your quest of knowledge. If ever you stumble upon questions related to such facts, you can answer then quickly since you were already aware of it thanks to helpful plumbers at Lex's plumbing

Here are some facts and plumbing maintenance tips​ that we have heard of.​ 

15 Most Interesting Plumbing Facts And Plumber Tips

• There are different weights for various toilets. The weight of the toilet varies from one model to another. You can look for lighter ones, as well as the heavier ones. The capacity of toilets is found to be as low as 50 pounds. 

• You can wash your toothbrush in a dishwasher as well. Also, only non-electric are appropriate for a dishwasher. With a properly functioning dishwasher, your toothbrush will come out clean. 

• A homeowner should know the steps of shutting-off the supply of water to their home. This way you can prevent a big mess if ever there is a leak or similar kind of issue. 

• Installing a greywater system for your shower water will help you to save a lot of water. The shower water is fed to the plants. However, while doing this you should be careful about the kind of soaps you use. Don't use chemicals, or put colour dye in your shower drain. 

• Putting food in the drain is illegal in some places including Canada and Europe. Garbage disposals are not popular in these countries either. They also don't have systems to treat water that passes down the drain. 

• A lot of people are still confused with the orient of toilet paper. They are not able to decide whether the orientation should be over or under. The original patent is the over position. But, you can consider using it or orienting it the way you like. 

• The shower is believed to use a mixture of hot and cold water, and this helps to create the shower temperature that is needed. The shower has less cold water, and it rises in temperature. Plumbing systems are not able to avoid this problem. 

• Flushing the toilet consumes a lot of water. Flushing it will consume almost 38 percent of the average water present in a household. That is huge. 

• Do you know how long you spend in the toilet in your entire lifetime? Surprisingly, an average person is purposed to spend almost a total of three years in his lifetime. 

• You can install a low flushing toilet as well. By doing so, you can save a lot of water, which is almost 18,000 gallons of water per year. Amazing! 

• Set the ideal temperature of your water heater to 125°F. Hotter than this is believed to burn your skin. 

• Insulating the pipes of your home reduces the amount of heat lost when the water travels from the heater to faucet. This way a person will have to wait for less time for the water to warm up. It will help you save a lot on your utility bills. 

• Fix leaky faucets at the earliest. If you have a leaky faucet through which water drips twice every minute, you are more likely to lose over a gallon of water every week. 

• All manhole covers are in circular shapes since if they turn sideways, they will not be able to fall through the opening of their own. 

• Two varied kinds of plungers are generally found. They are the toilet plunger and the shower plunger. Toilet Plungers are narrow at the bottom and shower plungers are flat. 

We have compiled a list of fun and interesting facts about plumbing. There are several examples of plumbing that we have noted over the years. The plumbing system in our homes consists of fixtures and pipes that are used to distribute gas and water to the entire building. These fun and interesting facts prevail for years now. We have heard several other brilliant fun facts on water usage and plumbing

Avoid Plumbing Problems

Keep a check on your health. Plumbing is one of the important professions that you are not aware of. Keep your plumbing system in place to ensure great drainage for water sewage.

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