5 Tips For Maintaining Your Water Heater

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You use a water heater every day. However, you must maintain or take care of it for it to run smoothly for years. This will also not cost you much. 

Here are the cool five tips to follow and save your pockets from being empty at the end of the month or years because of repairs: 

Flush The Water Out From The Tank At Least Twice In A Year 

Impurities available in the water can turn into solids upon heating when you turn on the water heater. At first, you won’t come to notice it. The taste and the quantity of the water won’t seem to be diminishing. 

Down the line, after months, if you compare, the quality decreases. This happens because of the impurities or insolvents inside the water tank. They can build up on the existing electrical appliance inside the tank or attached to it. Otherwise, they can clog the current water lines. 

This will hamper the overall life of the water heater you’re using at home or office. Thus, consider it to be your duty to clean the tank entirely at least twice a year. 

If you do so, chances of clogged up drains or pipelines reduce. You won’t have to call up the helpers for cleaning the pipes as well. 

Note: Do not forget to switch off the water heater before you go on about emptying the tank. This is to avoid getting burnt. And when you switch off the water heater, wait at least 20 minutes for the water to cool down. 

We suggest you wear gloves and a mask, and use a bucket for cleaning the tank. 

Note Down The Date When You Bought And Installed The Water Heater 

That’s an important and useful date to deal with the maintenance services of your electric water heater. Don't be left in the lurch by any unwanted error, clogging, or failures. You would know when to replace the water heater and when not to. 

You would also know about the guarantee or the warranty terms for free service and maintenance of the electric water heater installed in your home or office. 

Noting this date, you also know the duration of this water heater at your home or office. Therefore, if you want to sell it off, you would know how much to levy on it for others. 

Typically, a water heater has a lifespan of about 10-13 years. Therefore, buy a good brand that can fulfill this lifespan without much hindrance. 

Use Low Temperature For Heating The Water 

This is a sustainable living regime for many of us out there. When we put the heating temperature at least 20-30 degrees below the standard one, it doesn’t harm us. 

Instead, it will save the monthly electricity bill, that too up to 5-7 percent of the original bill. In short, you can save a lot by heating water using 20-30 degrees less. 

Moreover, chances of the electric water heater to be disrupted with overheating issues are also tackled. 

However, most modern water heaters come with the feature of automatic shut off. For the best guidance, you can consult the manufacturer whenever you are buying the product. 

Make The Best Use Of The Readily Available Insulating Blankets 

These blankets are used to cover any exposed part of the water heater mechanism. This could be pipes, the tank itself, or anything else that’s attached to it. The insulating blanket helps to reduce standby heat loss. 

When it starts to work, you will see the benefit of your monthly electricity bill and the lifespan of the same water heater. That’s possible because the insulating blanket ensures that the targeted electric water heater consumes less energy leading to less burden on your monthly bills. 

Have Annual Service Plans Ready 

Instead of calling the plumber for irregular visits, take up a yearly service plan from the expert. You can also work with the plumber at the initial stages or for the first month if you are interested to know how he handles the water heater. 

After you are sure that you know enough about the water heater and have practiced its maintenance with the plumber, start taking care of it yourself from the next few years. 

This can start from observing the annual maintenance services that you call home for the water heater. Check how the experienced plumber is taking care of each valve and part of the targeted water heater. The TPR valve is the most important one, helping in diminishing the pressure buildup.

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