Which Flower Plants Are Good For Homes?

best indoor flower plants for homes house staging

Indoor Flowering Plants are mostly easier to take care of and they tend to fill up the empty corners of your house with their natural beauty. Other than these salient features, these in-house blooming beauties tend to bless us with their goodness. From taking all our stress away to detoxifying the air we breathe, these indoor flower plants are our real-life saviors. So, when beauty comes along with benefits, then why wouldn’t someone choose to add some of these plants to their workplaces and rooms. Following are the flower varieties you can look forward to purchasing and consider sending it to your loved ones on special occasions. 

1. Peace Lily 

Without requiring any additional effort, the Peace lily is one such household flowering plant which seems to grow peacefully on its own. These plants can easily grow without water and in the low lit atmosphere, inside your house. Peace Lily blesses its owner with a happy, peaceful life with the innate power of its white flowers. 

2. Jasmine 

If all this while, you thought jasmine could only be grown in your lawns, then you are highly mistaken. Jasmine plants are that fragrant woody-stemmed plants which grow only under direct sunlight. Be it, across any kind of weather, this plant variety grows effortlessly, leaving your room aromatic with its sweet fragrance. See the difference on your own as the jasmine plant in your garden turns your bad day into a good, positive one. 

3. Flowering Kalanchoe 

This indoor flowering plant is known for initiating healthy living. This plant is said to be the cure of pain, coughs and other types of muscular inflammation. Being a tropical succulent, this plant grows indoors very well, requiring optimum care and watering needs. Just a few hours of sunlight helps this colorful flowering plants to grow, beautifully. 

4. Anthurium Plant 

This plant signifies everlasting love and friendship when you send it across someone as a token of respect. NASA claimed this plant to be the perfect houseplant which purifies the toxins in the air. Unlike other indoor plants, this plant variety is not that easy to grow and take care of. But, people still like to culture it within the boundaries of their household because of it adding a dash of luxurious appeal to your house, along with some other goodness. 

5. African Violet 

This variety of flower plants are good for a home with requiring an optimum level of care. Preferring warm climate, this African violet plant require filtered sunlight to bloom all year round. Belonging to the prettier plant squad, this plant bears flowers of white, purple, lavender, wine, pink, or bicolored hues. To top everyone’s favorite plant list, this plant is said to release some chemicals which calms the human mind, body and soul. 

Flower Power

These were a few options for flower plants which are good to be grown indoors at your place. Not just for decorating your house, these plants are also considered to be sent as a thoughtful gift to loved ones. Next time, when you are looking to send flowers to Delhi or any other part of the world, make sure to give a thought to send a whole plant instead. Gifting a green always seems to do the trick!

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