How To Protect Your Pets From Flooding

how to protect pets and animals from flooding

If you have pets at home, you usually consider your pets as your family member. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee their safety when the floodwater accidentally fills up your house. Through this article, we will give you some ideas on how to keep them safe during the flood. 

First of all, you should not let them stay outside of your house, because it will put them in danger, as they have no idea on emergency flood response plan. Take your pets inside your house and put them in higher area, where it is free from floodwater. We advise you to put your pet carrier in a reachable area, so it won’t be hard for you to locate it when the emergency level increases. Bringing your pets without its carrier would be too risky and harmful. 

Furthermore, it would be wise to take out the carpet from the ground, so it won’t get wet. A wet carpet would be a perfect place for mold and bacteria growth. This will put you and your pets’ health at risk. We also recommend you to put warm blankets near your pets, so they won’t catch a cold from the cold weather. 

Moreover, if the horrible circumstances require you to leave your animals, don’t forget to supply them with plenty of foods and water to survive. In such condition, instead of putting yourself in danger by attempting to protect your animals, it would be better to guarantee that they have enough food while waiting for the flood restoration Brisbane team. You need to ensure that you supply the foods in a waterproof bowl. Other than that, you should also leave a litter box near them, so they don’t need to move to other room for sanitary purpose. 

In addition to their food supply, you should also pack their medical records in a sealed waterproof case. You should also write your phone number on a noticeable spot, so the rescue team could easily approach you, as they finish their work to save your pets. 

Finally, your pets may be scared of the flood, and prefer to hide; therefore it is essential to recognize your pets’ favorite hiding spots, so you can obstruct it. You should use a hard-to-move item as an obstruction, so your animal won’t be able to relocate it. Other than that, you should also get rid of chemical and harmful things from the reachable area, because it will injure your pets.

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