Choosing The Right Type Of Dog Bed For Your Pooch

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Imagine laying on your bed after a long day of work and just having some time on your own. This is the same way that your dog feels when they find a space they can call their own. After a full day of activities and running around, your little friend needs a space where he can relax and unwind his day. Most of us do not pay attention to this need and make them sleep either on the sofa or on the floor. This is the time when you need to start looking for the best dog teepee in Australia. 

Your faithful best friend definitely needs a bed of his own. This will give him a sense of security and your dog will definitely appreciate a territory of his own. Another reason why your dog should have a bed of his own because if the dog is given a choice of sleeping on the ground or on a side soft bed, he will definitely opt for the bed. Dog beds act as a cushion for your dog that protects him against the harsh weather and provides enhanced comfort. 

What To Determine Before Choosing The Dog Bed? 

Once you know that your dog needs a bed for himself, you need to figure out what type of bed will suit him the best. Before making a final decision, you need to consider the following factors: 

Sleeping Style 

The sleeping style of your dog will determine what type of bed will be comfortable for your dog. While some dogs prefer curling up others prefer to sleep sprawled out or lean upon something while they sleep. You need to spend some time observing your dog’s sleeping styles and determine the best choice of bed for him. 

The Body Structure Of The Dog 

Is your dog an active dog with a heavy body? Or a small dog who has minimum activity in his life? If your dog is large and quite active you will need a more sturdy bed that can be more durable and can provide maximum comfort to the dog. If your dog has the nature of spending a lot of time outside, you need to look for a washable bed that can be cleaned easily. You can ask the store if they provide guidelines on the sizes of the dog beds that will fit their product range. 

Your Budget 

The most important factor is how much you are willing to spend on your dog’s bed. Once you decide how much you are willing to spend, you can make a better choice of the bed type. Just like online pet supplies in Australia, dog’s bed are also available in various shapes, style and colors. There are beds that you can buy under ten dollars and then there are those luxurious beds that start from 50$. However, before buying always check the quality of the product and then you need to evaluate whether the bed is providing the value of money or not. 

Pet’s Chewing Behavior 

If you are worried that your dog will ruin the bed just within hours of using it, then you need to get a chew-resistant bed. Most dog beds can stand the chewing behavior of the dog until it is between mild to moderate. However, if your dog is a heavyweight chewer then the best choice for them would be beds that are made up of nylon, denim or any other material that can sustain heavy chewing and does not wear out easily.

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