How To Find A Santa Rosa Heating And Cooling Company Online

how to find hvac business heating cooling company online search

If you’re in Santa Rosa, you probably already have a heating and air conditioning unit in your home. Every so often though, you might need maintenance, or quality inspections. At the worst case scenario, you’ll need your HVAC unit to be replaced, but if you have quality equipment, you’ll probably not have to do this unless your HVAC unit is over 10 years old, or if there is strenuous wear and tear on it, or excessive use. When you need things to stay in working order, you can open up a phone book, but since it’s a technological age, the best way to find a quality HVAC company is online. We’re going to tell you how. 

Check References And Reviews 

While you may want to jump the gun on the first service you see that’s top-rated on the search listings, be sure to check the user ratings on various avenues. One thing you can do is ensure they’re a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business, and that they have a good rating. You can check other websites like Angie’s List, and even Google reviews to make sure that you’re seeing good and positive results. Don’t ignore the negative reviews, but at the same time look at things like how long ago they were, and what the person’s problem with the service they received actually was. Some people complain about companies and are also just out there to hurt their competitors, so they leave bad reviews as well. 

See If They Have A License Number And Website Listed 

Many companies that are reputable have no problem sharing their California state contractor’s license number online so you can look it up. Many of them will have it listed on their business, or even at least their website. If they don’t have a website, you may want to consider moving to another business that does, and check into other companies that are listed on contractor boards. 

Avoid HVAC Scams 

Make sure your HVAC contractor has insurance (don’t just take their word for it, ask for proof). When you search online, you can literally see that they say they’re insured, so don’t hesitate to ask about it. You can also usually get free HVAC estimates by filling out contact forms online, which e-mail the company, or even use a support chat if they have one on-site. 


Hassler Heating and Cooling is Santa Rosa’s top HVAC specialists with many awards given to them by Angie’s List, the 2017 President’s Award, and many more. They are a CaliforniaFirst registered contractor, and are a Carrier heating and cooling solutions authorized dealer. They are fully licensed in the state and offer free estimates online when you click here. You can also ensure that they’re fully insured and if you ask, they’ll gladly give this to you, because they make sure everyone on their team is insured and has years of experience. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area and you need some work done on your heating and cooling unit, you can see all of the possible solutions on Hassler’s website.

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