Common Used Car Problems To Repair

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Buying a new car that is free of problems can be very exciting to have. However, an older or used car that has traveled for many more miles can also suffer from many issues such as shortcomings in manufacturing, lack of maintenance and more. A Revs Check NSW inspection can help you to find out about various issues in the vehicle. 

Find out about some of the common problems in used cars that need repair below. 

Replacement Of A Damaged Engine 

There are lots of engine issues that are more or less common. A few of these auto repair problems also cause damage to the engine, so much that replacement is needed. At times, the repairs can get too costly. There could be a blown engine because of broken valves or rod problems. Engine failure can often result from overheating of the car for a longer period or due to very less oil available for proper lubrication. A damaged engine might need to be replaced at anywhere between $1,000 – 4,000. In a few cases, the repair costs can be as high as $7000 based on how extensive the damage is. 

Also, if you have a used car already that has covered many miles, the replacement of the engine might be more expensive than the real worth of the cars. The overall resale cost of a car can be reduced by a high odometer reading. 

Failing Transmission 

When your car fails to move into gear or fails to drive in a forward or reverse direction, delays in acceleration or slips out of a fear, all such issues can lead to a failing transmission. At times, failure in transmission may also result from issues with improper transmission fluid levels. When there is a failure in transmission, it might cost about $3,500 for replacement. However, if there is the option to repair auto transmission, about $2,000 might still be expected to be paid. 

Although transmission fluids should be changed every few years, it has to be assessed regularly. To help prevent major car problems like a failing transmission, or to repair automotive damage, visit

Leaking Or Blown Cylinder Head Gasket 

As far as the repair of a blown cylinder head gasket is concerned, lots of labor and efforts are needed. The used vehicle repair costs can be too high as well. A blown or leaking head gasket can generally result from timing or manufacturer issues, or overheating of engine. If there is just damage to your head gasket, you might have to pay as much as $1,200-1,600 for the purpose of repairs. 

Damaged Or Bad Timing Belt 

When there is breakdown of a timing belt at the time of driving your used car, it might damage the valves, rods and pistons in the engine of your vehicle. In most cases, it might also affect the car’s crankshaft. Extensive efforts are needed for the replacement of a timing belt that is broken. Typically, it may cost as much as $3,000. 

AC Compressor 

The compressor is at the core of an AC unit, and it can be too costly to repair when it begins to break down or ceases to function in a proper way. Repairing a damaged AC Compressor can cost about $600 for cars, vans, and trucks. Air conditioners may be expensive, but they are essential in most parts of the world for your vehicle! 

Keep Your Car In Good Condition

With proper maintenance and smart driving, your used car can minimize costly repairs. Additionally, getting yourself a car floor mat at Simply car Mats can protect your car interior from wear and damage in the long run. 

Keep these areas in mind to avoid having a bad engine or totaled car and having to get a new car!

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