How To Start A Digital Marketing Campaign On A Shoestring Budget

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In today’s digital world. It’s a must to focus on digital marketing as most people are aware by now, with reporting that global efforts in this area have reached $100 billion. 

Despite that hefty figure, these days it’s easier than ever to reach potential buyers across the globe via a digital marketing campaign, even on a shoestring budget. These five steps can help you get started. 

1. Perform Market Research To Figure Out Your Ideal Customer 

Since you don’t have access to limitless funds, you’ll have to form your plan of attack very strategically. Take some time to really think about who your target audience is, including age groups and locations, and make some clear and defined company goals. After you’ve narrowed down who your customer is, you can begin to create a ‘buyer persona’ and develop the journey that will help those potential buyers discover your website to purchase your product or service. 

2. With Your Content Creation, Apply The 80/20 Rule 

Creating and promoting content is the name of the game, but research suggests that spending 80% of your time marketing and 20% of your time creating content produces the best results and the most growth. Not only does this method give you a chance to focus on finding your audience, but it also allows you to create quality over quantity content pieces. Of course, over time you may be able to create even more content faster once you get the hang of things. 

3. Use Social Media As Much As Possible 

Social media has become a daily tool in just about every company’s and consumer’s life, which is why it’s key to get on board with those platforms as fast as possible. Even if you don’t have the money to spend on ads up front, you can still get your content out there and start to build your fan base. After all, you never know what might take off and if your product lands in front of the right set of eyes, you might even have the chance to become an overnight sensation. 

4. Work With Social Media Influencers 

Purchasing ads on social media platforms will cost you money, but if you can strike a deal with an online influencer, you might reach a larger audience even faster. Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to find people anywhere in the world, from Louisville to Tokyo, who have lots of followers and can recommend your product, potentially helping you to acquire more new business via that avenue as well. 

5. Study Email Campaigns And Lists 

Those who subscribe to your email list have given you permission to show them more, so don’t waste the opportunity to take advantage of those for your email campaigns. Those lists, especially of those who are previous buyers, are also a great way to watch for trends and determine which of your products of services will get them to buy from you again.

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