Top 4 Great Lunch Ideas You Should Bring To Work

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When we’re at work, lunchtime is what we look forward to the most. Apart from having a break from all the stress at the office, it’s the time of recharging yourself with food. You will either buy food from the pantry or fast food restaurants or prepare it yourself before heading to work. Since most employees eat breakfast and lunch together, the meal should be energy-boosting and empowering. This will give you the drive of motivation to be productive with all of your tasks. 

As much as you want to prepare your lunch for work, most of the time, you really run out of ideas on what to prepare. Instead of stressing out on what to have for lunch, why not just prepare it before going to work? Besides, lunch is more delicious when you prepared it yourself. With these four great lunch ideas, you don’t have to starve and settle on the garden salad from your pantry. 

The Boxed Chicken Salad 

When lunch is not prepared, most choose to stick with a simple salad. But let’s face it, it’s not as tasty and as fresh as it looks. The boxed chicken salad is a mix of fruits, vegetables, and chicken. It’s everything you need in a meal to get through the day. This is also perfect for working people who usually skip breakfast and decide to take a heavy lunch instead. The boxed meal is more on preparation rather than cooking since it’s a salad. 

Compared to the other packed lunch meals, the recipe is pretty simple and the procedure is easy to follow. It wouldn’t take the whole morning to prepare. Moreover, it’s free from preservatives commonly found in processed food. You will get the right mix of flavors in just one meal. See full recipe and procedure here

Bacon, Tomatoes, And Egg-Topped Pasta 

Most pasta recipes are best served for dinner. But with the right ingredients, who knew it could fill your empty stomach for lunch? Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and topped with crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, and poached egg. It’s ideal for work because of its energy-boosting properties. Regardless if you skipped breakfast or not, this is a heavy meal you and your workmates will surely enjoy. 

If you are in a morning rush, this pasta recipe best suits your tight schedule. In the span of ten to fifteen minutes, your lunch is already packed to go. Moreover, the ingredients are commonly found in your fridge. You could never go wrong with crispy bacon and poached egg on sauteed pasta. See full recipe and procedure here

Not Your Ordinary Chicken Waffle Sandwich 

Nobody wants the boring packed lunch, right? This is why most prefer to-go sandwiches sold in the pantry or convenience stores. Apart from the fact that it’s easy to eat, it’s handy too. They’re not as messy as eating a full meal for lunch. For everyone who is a hurry but is not in the mood for hassle preparation, not your ordinary chicken waffle sandwich is the best-packed lunch for you. It’s a combination of semi-sweet and savory flavors melting in your tongue in every bite. 

Spice up your traditional chicken sandwich with waffles, scrambled eggs, dressing, and crispy bacon. A luscious meal you could dig into in between working hours. Spend 15 to 20 minutes in the morning for this heavy brunch to-go. The ingredients are pretty simple and are easy to find within your fridge. See full recipe and procedure here

Brown Rice Topped With Chicken And Veggies 

We need to eat something healthy every once in a while. Once or twice a week should be designated to a junk food-free day. Brown rice is best if you are rice-type of person. It tastes better than white rice and is filled with health benefits too. With seasoned and steamed chicken and veggies. It’s a pretty heavy meal where you wouldn’t be guilty about consuming calories. Indulge in healthy meals without compromising the taste and preparation time. 

Within 10 to 15 minutes, this meal is good to go. It’s best for people who are always running late to work and didn’t have the time for breakfast. Besides, these are just steamed. You can cook the rice while using steam to cook the chicken and veggies. It saves time in prepping your packed lunch for work. See full recipe and procedure here


When it comes to packed lunch for work, we want it quick and easy but at the same time tasty and healthy. Since the working environment can be stressful at times, as an employee, you should ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients to get through the day. List the food you want to prepare for the week and ready the needed ingredients for the meals. Organizing the menu for the week is the start of quitting the idea of settling with instant foods which are not delicious and nutritious

Make sure that the ingredients to be used are of the best quality and has undergone safe food processing. Contamination in the food and beverage industry is inevitable. But with the right equipment, like XHVAL gate valves, food processing is smooth and safe. As buyers, we have to be mindful of the brands of food we trust. Sometimes, it is the procedure food undergoes which make them unhealthy. Check the label and research how these foods are processed and packed.

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