Eat To Improve Professional Performance & Startup Success

In the competitive business world, we're all looking for an edge over the competition. Improving your health is a strategy that most people don't really focus on, even though better health will boost your productivity and intelligence. And aside from improving your sleep and exercise, making improvements in your daily  nutrition is an affordable and effective way to boost health and performance.

But we all know it can be challenging enough just to find the right affordable healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Shopping for them and preparing them are another challenge. Unless you really like to cook, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Let's not even get into cleaning up after your cooking! Nobody wants to deal with all this hassle and it can certainly derail diets even for the most dedicated nutrition disciple. 

Luckily the food service market has responded over the last decade with some healthier and cost-effective options to get food to you in a more convenient manner. Here are 5 ways to have your healthy food prepared more conveniently for you:

Vegan Gluten-Free Goodies Delivered To Home & Office

If you are lucky enough to be living in Toronto, you can enjoy fresh vegan and gluten-free tasty treats from Freedom Jars are delicious ways to fuel your home or office with fresh and healthy fruit, gluten-free grains, vegan yogurt, nuts, seeds, and more! They currently feature Mayan Sunrise, Coconut Bali, and Cali Berry jars that your tantalized taste buds will look forward to each day! Order some for your office and score some big brownie points with the boss.

Kick Your Creativity Up A Notch With Caffeine

Are you a big coffee and espresso drinker? We thought so! Caffeine boosts productivity and creativity for most people. Unfortunately it can be incredibly expensive to purchase a coffee each day at your local coffee shop, up to $5 per cup! There's got to be a better way. Luckily with Anthony's Espresso you can purchase the highest quality espresso machines, grinders, and coffee to turn your kitchen into a high end cafĂ©! Get started on your way to better homemade coffee and espresso at

Pick Peapod For Productivity

Grocery shopping is an unpleasant and time-consuming experience for the majority of people. It's loud, crowded, and slow. Sometimes cell phone service is poor in grocery stores and most don't have WiFi. I know I usually dread trips to get my groceries. That's where Peapod comes in. Peapod is a service available in dozens of greater metropolitan areas of the United States that brings your groceries to you! You can get fresh groceries and healthy meal kits brought right to your doorstep. There's a reason why this service is growing like wildfire across the US.

Elder Entrepreneurs Food Services

If you're a senior citizen in the twilight of your career (or maybe just getting started!) I think it's safe to say that getting groceries, preparing food, and cleaning up can potentially be a challenging process. Especially if you have mobility limitations or health issues. Sometimes you just need a little help, especially if you're putting in a lot of hours at work. That's where Seniors for Seniors comes into play. Among many valuable services they provide, their trained professionals are available to do grocery shopping and meal preparation. This could be the difference between eating fresh healthy food or artery-hardening frozen TV dinners. Eating healthier and saving time will help to elongate your career and get more out of it.

Amazon Prime Pumps Up Productivity

We couldn't discuss convenient methods of getting in your healthy food at the office or home without mentioning They have been offering food online for years now and just purchased leading premium grocery store Whole Foods last year. Amazon Prime grocery deliveries continues to expand its offering while allowing discounts for Prime members. And since it is Amazon, the prices are always competitive and the deliveries are always dependable.

It's not always easy eating healthy but it will certainly help your career and therefore worth the investment. If there are services that can boost your health and wealth then they are worth exploring and trying out.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to boost your professional productivity and startup success by eating healthier.

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