7 Beautiful Christmas Lighting DIY Ideas

frugal beautiful christmas diy lighting ideas holiday lights do it yourself

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way! It is time to create a warm and welcoming environment no matter how cold the weather is outside. The best way to create warmth in the temperature is to light up the atmosphere inside and out. Lights can make the coldest places to look warm. Christmas decorations are getting popular with every passing year as they bond friends, family, and loved ones together 

Need a little push getting started this holiday season? We have made it easy for you to find all kind of inspiration at one spot. Here you will find some of the best Christmas lighting ideas which will give you a head start in accentuating your place this Christmas. 

Lit Hula Hoops 

This pretty Christmas lighting idea using hula hoops is one of the best ideas to start to make your place look adorable. You can arrange these rings inside your home, outside near the door, under the tree. You can even hang them from the trees. 

You just need hula hoops of different size, or you can customize using wire and light strings of your choice. Just roll up the light string over the hula hoop and light it up. It is all set up to rock the place. 

Glowing Glass Vases 

These glowing glass vases are so easy to make that you can even let your children do this project. You just need some glass vases of varying sizes, LED light strings, pinecones or other material of your choice to fill the glass vases. 

• Arrange the glass vases according to your imagination and fill them up with the available material. 

• You can use stones, dried flowers, pinecones, fresh leaves or whatever you think will look good in vases. 

• Lastly, add the light strings of the color of your choice into the vases. You are all set up to lit the dark corners of your home. 

Mason Jar Luminaries 

These cute little mason jar luminaries are sure to put joy on your face. They are so beautiful yet simple to make. It depends on your imagination how you arrange them, outside hanging on your door in a cluster or putting them in line on the floor. They are going to glow beautifully either way. You just need: 

• Mason jars with different sizes 
• Ribbons if you want to tie a knot over the head 
• Wires or strong threads if you would like to hang them somewhere 
• Some light strings 

Star Lights 

This is an all-time favorite Christmas lighting idea for outside decorations. It comes out so beautifully that you cannot stop yourself from looking at it. You just need some long light bulb strings, star lights, and some wires or threads to make the arrangement over trees. 

You can buy starlights from the store, or you can make some of your own out of wires. Put star lights over the trees and make light string arrangement as shown in the picture or according to your own imagination. Your star lights are ready to spread joy.

Illuminating Globes 

These illuminating globes will take some time to be made, but they are definitely worth it. They look so precious and are adding elegance to the room. All you need is an old wool thread or any thick thread, glue, big and small round shaped balloons and obviously light bulbs. Take a balloon and fill it with air up to an extent (do not fill it completely). 

This is how you’re going to make them: 

• Mix glue and water equally and form a consistent mixture. 
• Now take wool and soak it in the mixture. 
• Take it out and coat it over the balloon. 
• Let it dry and then burst out the balloon and your globe is ready. 
• Add some light bulbs in the globe and they are all set up to glow.

Santa Presents 

Here come the illuminating gift boxes which you can keep near your Christmas tree. You can also gift them to your loved ones as presents. 

Things you’re going to need: 

• Wooden cubes or you can make boxes out of PVC pipes 
• Some shiny ribbons 
• Light strings or bulbs 
• Wax paper or thin cloth for the sides. 

How to make Santa presents: 

• Make cubes out of wood. 
• Cover all the sides with wax paper or thin colored cloth (leave one so that you can add light strings in it). 
• Cover that side up after putting in the lights. 
• Decorate the box with ribbons by making bows or whatever you like. 
• Your Christmas presents are ready. 

Fairy Lights 

Here is the simplest idea of them all which can be made by your kids. It will take no time to decorate your table with this idea. All you need is some glass jars of same or different sizes, light strings and some dry flowers which you can put inside jars. You can also try out different shaped jars as per the availability. You can also paint the jars with glass paints. Just add the dried flowers and light strings to the jars, and they are ready to lit up the atmosphere. 

Light Up Your Christmas

Now you are all set to light up your surroundings this Christmas. Add the warmth to the atmosphere by creating some of the illuminating ideas gathered above. Santa might stop by and get mesmerized by the decoration and might leave some gifts for you. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!

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