Four Powerful Unorthodox Digital Marketing Strategies

You are eager to crack into the business market and start taking on the competition. There’s just one slight problem. The competition has been playing this game for a lot longer than you. They have a bigger budget which means they’ll have a bigger budget for promotion than you. The basic conundrum can be explained like: how do you make sure people see you on the stage when someone else is in control of the spotlight

Well, you need to make sure that you are savvy with your digital promotion. You need to look for nontraditional ways to get the services you need at a lower cost than what the larger marketing agencies will charge. There are a few options here that could help you a great deal so let’s look at some of the possibilities. 


Forget about hiring a digital marketing agency. Instead, make sure that you use a freelancer. By using a freelancer, you will immediately cut the cost because these guys are independent. Ultimately this means that all the money they make is going straight into their pocket. This means they don’t have to worry about paying wages or paying bills. Their business model is highly scalable which means they can afford to charge you a lot less for the services they offer. 

You can get freelance digital marketers in every area including SEO. Do you need to make sure that your website is optimized? Forget about the marketing agency using a cookie cutter system that will charge you an arm and a leg. Instead, opt for the individual who will take time on your order and make sure that they deliver a quality service to every client. How can you be sure you’ll get quality service? Well, if you use the right resource, you’ll find people who need to deliver quality because one bad review could hit their profits hard. This is another advantage of hiring the individual. 

If a big company fails a client, they can usually walk it off and recover easily which means they are less bothered about this issue. Smaller freelancers are far more vulnerable, and this means you can put more faith in their service. 

Finding a freelancer isn’t difficult either, and there are sites like Fiverr and Upwork that you can rely on for this. Low-cost digital marketing can be found on Fiverr Pro, and they are one of the hand-picked 1% of vendors offering quality SEO services according to research. 

Use Bloggers 

There are literally millions of blogs online. In fact, as of June 2018, there are 152 million. As staggering as that is, it’s fair to say that most businesses aren’t aware of how valuable these blogs are. Particularly the popular ones that get thousands of visitors every day. That’s okay though, we know how important they are, and we’re talking regarding sponsored content here. As a small business owner, it’s important to find your target audience. Let’s say for instance, that you are selling garden products. So, your target audience includes homeowners, gardeners, potentially landscapers and other professional gardeners. This is the ingenuity of using a blog because a blog will have that target audience built in as readers. 

You can use a blog like Bootstrap Business and contact the owner to see if they are accepting guest posts. Usually, they will have a ‘work with me’ page which is an invitation for sponsored content, and that’s what you want. Now, you can think about offering them a chance to review your product on their blog or simply include a link to a product or service in one of their posts. This type of content can be as direct or indirect as you like and it will have a great effect if orchestrated correctly. The cost of advertising like this is usually more than manageable, and you can choose which type of blog you want to use and find one that matches your budget. 

Getting Influencers 

Bloggers can be classed as influencers, but they are just one example. If you want to find influencers then it really just takes a quick Google search. You can usually get a list of them for virtually every industry like for instance from Izea, Onalytica, Klear, Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

You could even find a list of video game influencers on social media which is useful if you happen to be a young startup hoping to get your first ever title onto the market in a highly competitive business landscape. Just think of the influence and success of all the gamers on YouTube. But it can really apply to nearly any industry out there. 

Once you know who the influencers are, you can reach out to them, following them on social media and retweeting or sharing this content. That’s usually enough to get their attention, particularly lower tier influencers. But you can take things further as well and be more direct by sending them a chat or an email and getting right down to business. 

You need these guys on your side. Ultimately, depending on their reach, they can have a massive impact on your sale. Sticking to the example of video games, Warner Bros were hit with a controversy when they were found to be paying off influencers. You don’t need to pay for them. Just talking about your product or service is good enough and will help you increase your brand reach which is the ultimate goal. 

Recruiting People On Social Media

Finally, you need to think about using social media to your advantage. Used correctly, social media can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and you can use it to recruit people to market your business for you. This can take the form of previous customers, often through user-generated content and it may also include direct interactions. You can set up groups, chats and live feeds, all of which could get you the attention you want through digital marketing. The trick is using your followers to spread the word without directly pushing them to do it. 

Digital marketing is more essential as well as more competitive every day. Take this strategy advice and you’ll find these nontraditional digital marketing resources are incredibly effective and will help your bottom line.

I hope you enjoyed this article about smart unorthodox digital marketing strategies and resources.

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