Idiots’ Guide To Impressing Clients On A Budget

guide impressing clients on a budget

You probably already know that the relationships you have with your clients can make or break your business, but what you may not be getting right is how to impress them without it costing more than you bargained for. Luckily, we are here to help you with this, so read the following post if you want to make a big impression while only spending a small amount. 

Keep Your Promises 

It's not rocket science to expect that clients will be most impressed with businesses that demonstrate their integrity and keep their promises. Therefore one way that you can earn customers positive favor is to do what you actually say you will!  

Now, this may sound easy enough, but anyone in the world of business knows that some folks will say yes to just about anything to close a deal, but then won't be able to deliver when it comes down to the bottom line. 

Therefore, let your business be the one to break the mold and promise only realistic things that you have every intention of delivering. Then you will not only be able to make your client happy but also build up a reliable and trustworthy reputation with them as well. Something that will easy supersede any flashy promises that your competitors make that can't be kept. 

Be ‘Extra’ 

Sometimes in modern culture, the term 'extra' can be used disparagingly, as it can mean being over the top. However, I like to think of being extra as going the extra mile for your clients. 

What this means is providing excellent servicing and doing things for their business that go above and beyond the call of duty. This may include offering a discount without being asked, or paying extra attention to ensure that all of the client's details are conveyed to the supplier correctly. It may even be stepping in and handling their account yourself if a problem occurs. 

Attending to small details is a low cost way of impressing your clients. 

Just be sure to provide excellent service consistently, as this will convey to your customer just how valuable they are to your businesses, and is bound to impress. 

Roll Out The Big Guns 

Sometimes you will want to make a genuinely epic impact and impress your clients with a huge gesture. One that will definitely convince them that they are valued and to sign on the dotted line, or to keep you on as a supplier. 

It's at these times in particular that you need to do something that will stick in their mind. Something that will help them associate your business with some great memories, but also something that will be in proportion to the value you will gain by achieving their custom. To do this effectively, you need to work out what your projected figures are, usually by using a percentage of what you will gain from their contract. Then you can match experiences to each customer proportionally. 

For example, you may choose to send a tastefully branded gift like a wine carrier or cheese hamper to a client that would bring in a £10,000 contract. While for a client that would bring in a more valuable deal, wining and dining them at the latest top restaurant may be in order.  

Of course for a major client that you absolutely don't want any chance of losing; its all about proving them with the utmost luxury, such as a trip on a private jet that air charter services can provide, as well as the full five-star treatment when they reach their destination. Luckily, you’ll be pleased to note that even these sorts of expenses can be less than you expect, meaning you really can roll out the big guns and impress without breaking the budget. 

Be Genuine 

In business there tend to be a lot of small talk that does not amount to a whole lot. In fact, genuine connections in an office environment can be hard to come by. Therefore, if you can establish a positive relationship with a client contact that is not only pleasant but has some genuine care and interaction involved, you are bound to impress and keep them coming back to your business for more. 

Of course, we are not suggesting that you go round their house and make them a roast dinner or anything (unless you want to?). However, asking them in a professional way and non-creepy way a few things about themselves such as their interests, the basics of their family set up, and any fun stuff they have done recently can indeed make all the difference. 


Also, utilizing most of these tips doesn't cost anything at all except a little time and effort. Something that means it perfect for businesses that want to leave their clients with a positive impression but not make a dent in their budget.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make a great first impression on your clients without breaking the bank.

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