How To Make A Good First Impression On Business Trips

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Did you know that on average you have just seven seconds to make a good first impression? That is not long at all — especially when there are so many factors to acknowledge! 

Here, we will talk you through exactly how to make the perfect opening impression in a business meeting. After all, first impressions can be nervy, right? We have all been there; whether it is meeting your other half’s parents, attending a job interview, or trying to close an important business deal, getting off on the right foot is crucial. 

Pronounce Your Words Clearly! 

It will be easier to get your point across in a business meeting if you’re speaking clearly, which result in your interview running more smoothly overall. Whatever you do, don’t mumble! Nobody likes needing to continuously ask what it was you said. If this happens, your client could become frustrated, which will take away from all the good that may occur in your meeting. Having an accent won’t matter as long as you are clearly enunciating your words. 

After all, let’s face it, the smoother the meeting, the more likely you are to land that elusive deal! It also allows you to build a relationship via small talk. Again, speaking clearly enables this to happen, as if they don’t understand you, they won’t engage. 

Dress Appropriate And Smart! 

Steer clear of those Converse trainers and ripped jeans — it’s important to dress like the professional you are trying to portray yourself as. It might sound obvious, but turning up well dressed to your appointment really can help you go a long way. After all, if the shoe was on the other foot, do you think you would pay attention and sign a contract if the person standing in front of you was unkept? 

Women can also benefit from tailored clothing of conservative colors and patterns. Dark grey or navy should be staple colors in your outfit choice. For men, make sure you are looking clean and crisp from head to toe. A nicely fitted suit with clean — an emphasis on clean — shoes will give the impression that you are proud of your appearance and are likely to take pride in your client’s needs, too. 

Are You Giving Off Positive Body Language? 

Throughout your business meeting, be sure to smile, shake everyone’s hand who is in the meeting and keep good eye contact. Smiling will put potential clients at ease, offering a warm impression of yourself, while firmly shaking hands can command respect. Keeping eye contact portrays you as a positive person, while those who avoid eye contact can sometimes be seen as being ‘shifty’ or rude — not ideal for a business meeting. It should be second nature to use positive body language in any meetings, but sometimes this can be overlooked. 

Make Sure That You Are On Time! 

Don’t waste a clients time by not being punctual, since this will ultimately just create a bad impression of yourself. Being early helps avoid unnecessary stress by allowing you to get used to your surroundings and to compose yourself. These factors can be crucial if you need to present to your potential clients. America’s former president, Eisenhower, was famous for his ‘when to arrive for a meeting’ philosophy, which meant that if you weren’t 10 minutes early for the meeting, then you were late. 

Will Your Vehicle Choice Make A Good Impression? 

Before you even walk through the door to an interview, first impressions can be made judging by the vehicle you own – so choose wisely if you are trying to portray a particular image. Audis for example are often stereotypically linked to businessmen and women, meaning that those who drive an Audi A3 Saloon are thought to be in the business industry. This can have a positive impact on any potential clients who see you pull up! 

If you follow our five tips, you should make a great first impression and gain that all-important business deal. Keep them in mind throughout your travels!

Remember, don’t drive a ‘boy-racer’ style car to your meeting, arrive early, dress snappy, be open and friendly, and make sure everyone can understand you! Master these points and you’ll have a great chance of getting the first impression results you are looking for. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make the best first impression during your important upcoming business trip.

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