10 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

If you haven't jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon yet then I feel for your company's bottom line. There are hundreds of reasons why it's absolutely crucial to utilize social media marketing to it's utmost potential. Here is a quick outline of 10 key reasons to get you on board or reinforce your commitment to SMM:

1) Increased Traffic 

• Increased Quantity & Quality of Traffic 
• Increased Awareness of Your Company, Products, & Services
• Increased Leads, Conversions, & Sales 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

• Improve Your Search Engine Rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 
• More Organic Searches For Your Business, Products & Services 
• Increased Organic Traffic To Your Site

3. Interaction 

• Create Positive Discussions w/ Prospects, Partners, & Customers
• Provide Exceptional Customer Service w/ Quick Responses
• Maximize Positive Customer Experiences   
• Minimize Or Prevent Negative Customer Experiences 
• Humanize Your Brand & Company 

4. Online Reputation 

• Increase Page Rank To Your Positive Social Media Pages & Sites
• Solicit Positive Reviews and Ratings From Your Customers
• Prevent Negative Customer Experience From Escalating
• Ensure Customers Are Having A Positive Experience via Monitoring & Interaction 

5. Business Integration 

• Easily Integrate Your Social Media Marketing w/ Your Websites & Email Marketing 
• Integrate Your Social Media Marketing w/ Your Overall Marketing Strategy 
• Integrate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy w/ Your Overall Business Model 
• Maintain Brand Consistency Across Multiple Platforms, Mediums, and Campaigns 

6. Analytics 

• Measure The Benefits Of Your Social Media Marketing & Effect On Your Websites 
• Analyze Conversions, Demographics, Behavior, Social Sales, & Much More 
• Modify & Optimize Your Social Media or Websites Based On Updated Hard Data 
• Immediate Updated Reports At Your Fingertips 

7. Revenue Generation 

• If Done Correctly, Social Media Marketing Can Significantly Increase Income In Any Industry 
• More Repeat Customers & Referrals 
• Ability To Create New Revenue Streams 
• Better Leverage For Bigger Clients & Contracts 

8. Company Image 

• Project An Image of Being Connected To Customers, Industries, & New Business Developments 
• Project An Image of Success & Popularity 
• Project An Image of Being Progressive & Tech Savvy 
• Compete With Or Beat The Competition Online 

9. Return On Investment (ROI) 

• Free or Affordable Marketing Alternatives or Complementary Tools For Your Business 
• Great For Sole Proprietors, Smaller Businesses, Startups, or Corporations Looking For Value 
• Lasting Campaigns, Platforms, & SEO Boosts 
• A Minimal Investment Can Create Significant Results 

10. If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

Social Media Marketing Is Versatile & Powerful! Get Creative! 

• Revolutionize Your Business! Go Global! 
• Go From Virtually Nonexistent To Viral! 
• Raise Millions of Dollars For A Charity! 
• Launch Your Book or TV Series! 
• Educate The World! 
• Cure Diseases! 

I'm not even exaggerating with these. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and ambition.

I hope these 10 reasons have helped remind you of the power social media marketing can exert on the market. Maximize your social selling skills and pump up your profits!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the reasons why your business needs to be utilizing social media marketing

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