Differences Between Good And Bad Digital Marketing Agencies

difference between good and bad digital marketing agencies

With any luck, your business will eventually grow to the point where you think about outsourcing a variety of services. Rather than having to perform these services for yourself, you can hire in experts who can take the task off your hands. This leaves you free to focus on the basics of your business, and plan your strategies that can help increase growth and productivity. 

One of the services that you will likely want to outsource is digital marketing. As fun as it can be to do this for yourself, there’s no doubt that specialist digital agencies are the gold standard. They can spend time researching all the latest techniques, and have a wealth of experience to put into practice for your business. 

The question is, after so long going it alone, how do you know what makes a good digital marketing agency? Below are a few examples, showing you the stark difference between how good and bad agencies operate... 

#1 - Sticking To A Tried & Tested Plan 

You: “I’ve read about [insert name of a new digital marketing strategy] for my company and I was wondering if we could try it?” 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “No, that’s not a good idea. We stick with what we know.” 

You: “Can I ask why not?” 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “We just don’t do that.” 

This is insufficient, and a sign of a bad agency. 

What Does A Good Digital Marketing Company Do Instead? 

Any good digital marketing agency should be willing to listen to you, solicit your opinions, give feedback, and figure out exactly how to make your company's specific needs a reality. 

#2 - Little Prior Experience Evidence 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “We’ve done work for loads of companies!” 

You: “Oh, which ones? I’d love to hear a reference.” 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “It’s confidential.” 

You: “You can’t give me the name of any former clients, even if I promise not to contact them?” 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “It’s confidential.” 

If you hear anything like this, then it might be time to politely end the conversation and walk away. 

What Does A Good Agency Do Instead? 

A good digital marketing agency will be only too happy to provide references from their customers, such as with these King Kong digital agency reviews that the company rightly -- and proudly -- displays on their site. 

#3: You Know As Much As They Do 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “We also offer great local SEO. We like to [list many useful local SEO techniques]. We also provide professional video production for YouTube videos and social media marketing services” 

You: “I’ve done all of those. What else can you offer?” 

Bad Digital Marketing Agency: “Umm…” 

This lack of insight and detail is incredibly troubling. 

What Does A Good Agency Do Instead? 

Offer something new, something more advanced than the digital marketing techniques you have been using up until now. 

Now you know the signs of a bad digital marketing agency, you can go ahead and find a company that is truly able to add something worthwhile to your company. One of the best agencies in the digital marketing industry is DeveloClub. They offer a variety of customized website design, SEO, pay-per-click advertising and graphic design services for your business. 

Agency Analysis

Even if you already work with an agency, you can use these guidelines. Once you've done your research and analyzed your existing agency work, you can see for your self whether your collaboration should continue. Good luck to you and your business. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to avoid hiring bad marketers or digital marketing agencies for your company.

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