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New Developments In SEO

The Internet and search engines such as Google are now the medium through which 70-80% of consumers start their search in order to find a desired product or service. In doing so, they ignore paid advertising entries (often times including Google Ads) and turn directly to the organic search results. For an e-commerce Unternehmen (company) or an online retail store, it is therefore of utmost importance that their website appears on the lists of Google in a prominent place. Only those who are listed on the first page within the first ten positions can assume their visibility on the web and have the chance to generate reliable sales. SEOs don't joke for no reason about Page 2 of Google as being the best place to hide a dead body!

In order to get to these coveted positions on Google, a holistic approach is required. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method fulfills these requirements. SEO-Agenturen (SEO agencies) deliver, among other things, high quality content and selected backlinks. They also optimize on-page factors like meta tags, descriptions, plugins, and site speed. This influences the ranking factors in such a way that the number of visitors is sustainably increased and the sales opportunities increase. 

SEO is constantly evolving, so we must evolve as SEOs to meet the new changes and challenges!

SEO Factors Are Subject To The Changing Times 

The requirements for SEO are subject to constant change. These are caused by constantly increasing competition, changing trends and fads as well as the changing algorithms of search engines. Google changes its algorithms and ranking criteria every month or week, including very recently with core updates and new ranking factor tweaks. 

In order to find the right answers and tools for these requirements, we are examining the latest search engine optimization trends at this point. While there are hundreds of ranking factors for website on Google, let's focus on several of the top considerations and criteria for modern SEOs. 

8 Crucial Components To Consider For Website SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Increasing In Importance 

Artificial intelligence has made its way into many businesses, including SEO. The decisive algorithm for AI at Google operates under the name RankBrain. Greg Corrado, the scientific director of Google, already emphasized its ability to learn when it was introduced. 

RankBrain evolves with every new request via the evaluation of the user experience, which means that AI is increasingly becoming one of the most important SEO factors. Further criteria that should not be neglected are the click rate and length of stay on a site. 

Artificial intelligence is becoming a growing factor in website ranking as well as algorithm updates, and has made big strides since the start of RankBrain.

Visibility On Mobile Devices 

In the meantime, 92% of internet users worldwide connect via smartphone, tablet or notebook, 53% of all web inquiries come from mobile phones. Since a few years ago, Google has officially preferred the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version. Free tests for mobile devices from Google are recommended. The results can then be checked on the Google Search Console to make sure your pages are mobile-friendly and loading fast enough. 

Long Form Content Comes To The Forefront 

Text content must provide the reader with a special benefit or in-depth information. Therefore, it is now assumed that it is no longer just short, concise texts of up to 1000 words that appeal to the user. This means that complicated facts can only be presented in an inadequate manner. Articles of more than 3000 words are shared four times as often because the content is often of a higher quality. An appealing heading hierarchy with sufficient H3 and H4 headlines is particularly important for mobile websites. Specific links should be made to relevant sources with a high ranking factor. 

Google EAT Principles 

Google points out that the quality of the content is crucial for a good ranking. It is measured according to the EAT score. This stands for expertise, authority and trust. 

It should be noted that texts, videos and images should be tailored to the relevant target group and their age structure. Statements must be substantiated with facts and statistics and substantiated with references to reputable websites. 

Voice Search 

Voice assistants are being used more and more for Google searches. In early 2022, over 23% of users were using Amazon Alexa, Google Assist, and/or Siri at least once a week. Often longer sentences from the daily conversation are entered. Search commands entered in writing are limited to keywords, abbreviations and short terms, so it is a very different SEO game. 

Rich Snippets 

Short and concise meta titles and meta descriptions are completely displayed by Google. As a rule, users visit these pages up to 500 times more often than websites where the meta info is cut off due to excessive length. 

Videos As An Effective SEO Strategy 

The future belongs to online videos. So far , YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide and is also the second largest search engine in the world next to Google (which owns YouTube under the parent company Alphabet). According to Cisco, each person will have an average of 3.6 connected devices by 2024. Half of these online devices will be video-capable so you will need to master video marketing to SEO like a pro

Local SEO 

So far, the focus has been on the global structure of the Internet. In truth, a large number of users are looking for products and services from their regional environment. Restaurants and delivery services are an example. For this, a registration at Google My Business is necessary to leverage local SEO. 

SEO Like A Pro 

Search engine optimization is a never-ending task for business websites. Keep these top SEO considerations in mind to make sure your company sites are optimized for organic traffic and keyword rankings.

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