10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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Online entrepreneurs and savvy startups that make use of a high quality blog can have many benefits for a business. It can help you to build more of a connection with your customers and clients, helps show your expertise within the industry and helps works as an effective engagement tool. Remember that content is still king!

Not only does a blog help you build a connection, but it also helps drive traffic to your website - something that will help boost your conversions, enhance online reputation, and improve your sales. To get people to your blog, however, you’re going to need to develop a strategy. 

Take a look at these ten ways to drive traffic to your blog and let it boost your business

1. Write Exceptional Content 

This seems like an obvious thing to say, but having high-quality content is essential for your blog. Rather than writing for the sake of it, create a content plan. A content plan helps you generate ideas, making it easier for you to create meaningful content, instead of just releasing content for the sake of it. If you can, plan your blogs for a month or more in advance to make it easier to keep your blog fresh. Generating ideas for evergreen content is also a good idea as these posts can be written in advance and then scheduled for times when you’re short on current content. 

2. Make Good Use Of SEO 

SEO is vital for businesses. The process of Search Engine Optimization is important to help get your business seen among all the competition that exists on the web. If you’ve never come across the term SEO before, then this express guide to SEO could help you get to grip with the basics. Some basics of SEO relate to how your blog is structured, which headings are used and what keywords are used within your text to help get it discovered. Install an SEO plugin to your blog to make sure that you complete all of the necessary fields for your blog post. It may seem like an effort at the time, but doing this could seriously improve your blog traffic. Write some articles on other websites and share your own posts on social media for even greater SEO benefits.

3. Get Creative With Your Titles 

A good headline can work wonders for getting people to visit your blog. The right headline will draw the reader in, give a good insight into what the post is about and is also memorable. A good blog headline also has the potential to go viral, which is great if you’re trying to increase your blog traffic. If you’re unsure of how to create great blog titles, there are some excellent tools available online to help give you a helping hand. Check out some simple formulas for writing catchy blog titles to help get you started. 

4. Make Your Visual Content Great 

The written content is important for your blog, and nobody wants to read a post that’s poorly written. However, in addition to the written content, you also need to pay attention to your blog’s visuals. Too much text on a page can be off-putting, but with some high-quality images thrown in you can make your blog look much more professional and put-together. Think of your blog as a magazine of sorts. Consider how the words and the images can be used together to help reflect your thoughts. Taking good photographs for your blog doesn’t have to be complicated - you can take some excellent quality photographs on your phone and use editing apps to improve their quality. 

5. Link Back To Your Own Content 

A link-back within your post to some of your existing content (also known as internal links for SEO) is a fantastic way to get people to stay on your website and find content that interests them. When linking back to your blog, you need to make sure that the keywords look natural so that they don’t raise eyebrows with the reader. Make sure that the content that you’re linking is relevant to make sure that people choose to read your blog rather than searching elsewhere. 

6. Try Guest Blogging 

Guest blogs are a great way for you to gain exposure and connect new audiences to your blog. By writing a guest post on a relevant blog, you can benefit from being seen by that blog’s followers and link back to your own blog to drive traffic there. You can find guest blogging opportunities where you can access thousands of established blogs who will be happy to receive guest posts. In return, you can also host guest blogs on your blog, asking those with a large following to promote their appearance on your blog to help drive traffic to your site. 

7. Create A Promotion Strategy For Social Media

To help drive traffic to your blog, you should have a strong social media strategy to promote your latest posts and your existing blog content. Sharing links to your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways of helping people to find your content and provide additional ways for you to engage with people with an interest in your content. 

Other platforms worth posting to include Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Snapchat and Reddit. When preparing a new post, consider how you’re going to promote it on social media and develop a promotion strategy to make sure you use all of your available platforms. 

8. Develop A Mailing List 

Creating a mailing list for your blog can help you develop a regular readership who will be likely to check out your content when it lands in their inbox. There are some innovative ways of securing more blog subscribers, which can help you build your readership quickly. Offering a giveaway or a special offer for those who subscribe to your blog is a good incentive, and is a promotion that you can post on social media to help encourage others to sign up. Make sure that you include sign up boxes across your blog, especially at the end of your posts to try and encourage people to subscribe. 

There are multiple ways of building your blog email marketing list. While full-screen popups are effective for earning additional email addresses, these intrusive ads can negatively impact user experience along with your Google PageRank. Using a thin subscription bar at the top of your site from Hello Bar or similar products gets real results without damaging SEO or UX. It's a more subtle and sophisticated way to build your email subscriber list.

9. Improve Your Blog’s Design & Layout 

Just like your website, your blog needs an eye-catching, modern design in order to make a splash. If your blog loads slowly or often encounters errors, then you may want to look at upgrading your blog and increase its speed. In addition, you also need to think about how to make your blog suitable for mobile devices, given that a large number of people will be reading your posts on the move from their phones. You should put the same amount of effort into the design of your blog as you would the rest of your website, helping to keep things consistent and giving your blog the same importance as the rest of your content. 

10. Advertise 

If you’ve got a promotional budget, you might want to consider using it to promote your blog. You can advertise through banner ads (Google AdWords is the most popular) or put some money behind social media advertising networks like Facebook to increase awareness and visibility of your blog. Once you start exploring the possibilities, you’ll find that there are some affordable and effective ways you can advertise your blog, helping you get the traffic you want. 


By improving the traffic to your blog, you can benefit from the different possibilities that blogging has to offer. From making profits through affiliate links, to generating revenue by displaying ads, to generating page views to secure sponsorships, there are goals you can set that will motivate you to drive higher traffic. Put a plan in place for how you’re going to drive traffic to your website, and you’ll be on your way to a must-read blog for your business.

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to increase traffic to your business blog and grow real revenue.

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