Why Employee Happiness Is The Key To Sales

why happy employees increase sales

Whether you like all of your employees or not, they’re the driving force of your business. The happier they are, the more sales you’re going to make. It is a given fact that all businesses need to accept. So why are so many companies treating their employees in such a poor way? Well, power goes to the head, and sometimes morals go out of the window. Whilst employees are the most important, they’re also last in the pecking order, so it is often the case that they take the wrap for everything. Well, we’re here to change that. You need to ensure your employees are the happiest they can be if you want to boost profits, here’s how you can do it.

Team Building 

Team building might not always be something your employees actually like doing. A lot of them find it awkward, and we know you’re not going to be a fan of doing it either. But once they get into the swing of things, team building days actually are really fun. There’s so many things you can choose from, such as team building cooking classes, that even gives them a tasty treat at the end of it! Other popular ideas are thing such as paintballing, or obstacle days. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re fully involved as well. It needs to be a day where they can build a bond with you, as well as each other. In general, team building helps to boost morale in the office, improves communication skills, and helps build friendships that wouldn’t have usually been there. 

Better Benefits 

This is something that’s going to draw new staff in, and keep the staff you’ve got interested. The last thing you want as a company is a reputation for a high turnover of staff. It indicates to potential employees that the job isn’t worth having. Benefits such as longer paid lunch breaks, random bonuses, and incentives to keep people interested and working hard is what you need to do. It is easy for them to lose focus during the day if they’ve been doing the same role for years on the same pay. You need to make things interested, and bring in a little competition into the workplace if you want to keep them happy, and make more sales. 

Office Life 

This is something a lot of businesses struggle with getting right. Usually office life is something people dread. It can be boring, dull, and it’s where they spend hours a day staring at the same screen. So to keep things interesting and relaxing, put in a little chill out corner that they can go to for a break. If they’re working on computers all day, it is best to give them a 5 minute break every hour, or concentration levels will drop. Switch up the layout of the room and where everyone sits every so often. It gives people change to interact with people they usually wouldn’t, and potentially form new friendships that they couldn’t before.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why employee happiness is key to productivity and profitability at your company.

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