HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification Notes 6: Landing Pages & Thank You Pages

HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification Notes
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Calls To Action & Landing Pages:

Landing Pages: Websites designed to turn visitors into leads

CTA --> Landing Page --> Thank You Page

-Landing pages are forms to get visitor's contact info
-Aim to create 15 Landing Pages for lead generation
-Aim for 20% Conversion Rate on Landing Pages
-Further down Buyer's Journey possibly lower Conversion Rate (consultation offer < eBook offer)
-Use the Blink Test to make sure page is understandable and valuable for the visitor

Landing Pages Best Practices:

-Write a clear, concise, action-oriented headline
-Explain value and importance of offer to buyer persona
-1-3 sentences explaining what the offer is
-1-3 sentences explaining the detailed benefits of the offer
-Keep important information "above the fold"
-Use bullets and bolding, with 3-5 bullet points
-Remove all usual website navigation and links 
-Make everything clear including Submit button
-More valuable the offer, more information you can request
-Include relevant image, animation, or short video to help
-Include Social Media buttons to allow visitors to share offer
-If you don't use all of these best practices, use less. Keep brief.

Thank You Pages:

-Allows you to present the next step to a lead bringing them closer to being a customer
-Thank You page is where the offer is delivered
-More helpful than an inline Thank You because it provides additional content, moves leaders further down Buyer's Journey, and extends social media reach

Thank You Pages Best Practices:

-Deliver Offer and set expectations on offer receipt time
-Include a link to the offer if applicable and explain destination
-Display website navigation and links again
-Include another CTA to bring them further in Buyer's Journey
-Include Social Media icons for sharing the offer and connecting to your business as well

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