How Do I Get First My First 1000 Website Visitors?

In today’s IoT obsessed world, it’s no longer as much of a daunting task to take your website visitors from zero to 1000. Whether you have a brand new website or a preexisting website, there are numerous free and paid approaches to drive loyal traffic fast. 

In this article, we will share with you some proven ways to build a loyal audience to succeed online. Take a look below to get your first 1000 website visitors rapidly. 

Know Your Goals 

When it comes to accomplish big goals it is crucial to figure out the purpose behind them. Like if you want to get your first 1000 visitors then it is must for you to figure out your potential audience. There are many ways by which you can invite thousands customers to your website. 

However, if they are not suitable for your product then all of your marketing efforts will become useless and get in a black hole. Therefore it’s vital to make one mind about the purpose of our marketing goals in order to accomplish them without any hassle.  

Set Up A Blog 

Blogging has become a popular way to engage with the great number of potential audience. If you post interesting content over your blog the traffic just comes in a nonstop manner. This is because people will regularly visit your blog to read interesting content. All you need to do is link your blog with your website to increase your sales revenue. 

Keep in mind the more engaging content you will create the more number of customers you will drive to your blog. Thus add a blog with your website to get your first 1000 website visitors in the short span of time. If you have decided to attach a blog to your website then you should add authentic content in it. No one wants to visit a website that publishes false content. 

Therefore, you need to post authentic content that will easily make the mind of visitors to subscribe your blog. In addition you have to share something new in your platform that no one else has published to stand out from the crowd.

Improve Your Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

No doubt search engine optimization is a fast track and proven way to drive free traffic from Google and other popular search engines. By placing your website on the search engine top ranking you can really get your first 1000 visitors in record time. 

To optimize your website on the search engine top ranking you will need to create a SEO friendly website. And for this you will need to create a responsive design website that will easily opened on any device including smartphones and tablets. 

Moreover, you will need to develop informative content because powerful search engines like Google dislike promotional content. Don’t forget to limit keywords in your content else keyword stuffing can negatively impact the ranking of your website. 

Generate Social Media Traffic 

This is another alternative way to boost website traffic in a short span of time. Engage on popular website including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to redirect traffic to your site. Nowadays every age user is active over socializing sites which are giving opportunity to marketers to advertise their brand in front of the potential audience. 

In addition popular social media sites like Facebook is facilitating users with numerous tools to make the most of it. Any user can use analytical tools to learn more about the interest of visitors in their brand. 

For instance, analytical tools will enable you to figure out the sources from where your customers are landing on your Facebook profile. If your customer is coming from groups, then you could enhance your engagement in those groups to drive more traffic.

Engage In Paid Advertising 

It is true to say that if you have money in your pocket than you could drive 1000 visitors to your website within an hour through paid marketing. Yes you can run a paid marketing campaign over renowned social media sites to drive more traffic. 

Google is the biggest platform for paid marketing to target people who search for commodities that are related to your brand. You can invest on search ads that are placed above and on the right side of the organic search result. 

Moreover Google is also allowing business to advertise their brands over popular platforms like YouTube, Gmail and thousands of third party network websites. Thus you can place ads outside of the traditional Google search results. 

You will be surprised to know that giant socializing sites like Facebook is enabling it user to get relevant traffic from $5. So you can also use paid campaigns to speedily drive genuine traffic to your socializing site and then link it to your website.

Share Content on Popular Blogs 

There are hundreds of thousands of active blogs across the internet that you can utilize to get your first 1000 website visitors. In other world guest blogging is the fastest and easiest way to get traffic to your website. As a blogger you can also do guest posting by sharing content on popular websites or blog to get backlinks. This may sound really hard but once you start sharing authentic content you could easily bring great number of visitors to your website. 

You can also repurpose your old post in a different format and post in on other online platforms. For instance, you can make an infographics version of you’re an old popular post by adding some fresh content in it. This is the most effective way to save time and grow the number of visitors to your website. So if you genuinely want to generate more leads than you should write killer content not only for your website but for others as well. 

Furthermore, you can also share your blogs on different online communities and platforms to get additional exposure as well as generate more leads. Once you start posting interning stuff over popular blogs, you will start receiving a ton of traffic. 

Offer Amazing Deals 

It's a well know fact that online buyers like to visit websites that offer amazing discount and deals. You could literally get your first 1000 website customers within a week by entertaining the buyers of your niche industry with amazing deals. 

To serve this purpose, you will need to get help from your marketing team to develop deals that will easily hook the attention of everyone. In addition, you can also offer flat sale or cash back opportunity and kickoff a contest to quickly introduce your new website in your niche market. 

Believe it or not by running a contest, you could easily reach your first 1000 website visitors. By announcing a contest through paid marketing on high traffic forums you could easily redirect traffic your website. You can give an iPhone or laptop as a winning price to increase the popularity of your website. Never run a fake contest as it will negatively affect your brand reputation. Instead runs a contest that will truly win the heart of visitors so they become your loyal customers. 


In the end, it could be said now that the information shared in this post is best for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to drive a great number of visitors to their website. I encourage you to also share this stuff in your social networks as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to get the first 1000 visitors on your brand new website or blog.

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