5 Easy Ways To Burglar-Proof A Business

how to burglar proof your business

A lot of crime against businesses has moved online, but that doesn’t mean that physical burglary isn’t still a threat. If anything, physical burglary is just as common with almost half of small businesses reporting to have been targets. Upping your security can stop you from being as much of a threat and protect your small business property. Here are five easy tricks to burglar-proof your business. 

Obstruct Windows 

Obstructing windows won’t only make it harder for a thief to break in, it will make it harder for them to peek in and survey the property. Curtains and blinds are the most effective method for keeping intruders from looking in – when everyone is out of the office, make sure that these are fully closed. 

You could even consider changing the glass in some areas of the premises to something less transparent. This could include frosted glass or tinted glass that allows your staff to see out but stops would-be crooks from seeing in. This is more of a trick for offices than public spaces. 

Install Exterior Lighting 

At night, burglars are more likely to break into a property where there’s less chance of being seen. Exterior lighting can be an easy way of putting off burglars. This could be a motion-sensitive exterior light ideal for saving power. Alternatively, it could be one that’s permanently on. For large outside areas such as gardens, car parks or playing fields, you may want to consider something more heavy duty such as 200w LED flood light. If theft isn’t a risk in these outdoor areas, it could at least deter the risk of vandalism. 

Keep Valuables Out Of View Of Visitors 

If clients or visitors regularly come into your premises, make sure that any valuables are stowed out of sight. Having such valuables on a display could be a way of advertising yourself to burglars. You may have a safe for keeping certain items in such as cash or important documents – this should be placed out of sight of clients. Don’t openly display password lists either, as all it takes is for someone to snap a picture of this and they have access to your files and safes. 

Buy A Decent Burglar Alarm 

Don’t buy a cheap burglar alarm as it will likely prove inefficient against an experienced burglar. Some of the most secure burglar alarms nowadays will alert the police if triggered, usually after unsuccessful codes have been entered or after a period of sustained ringing. For some premises it may even be worth having multiple alarms – one for the main door and potentially a separate one for an office or area with sensitive information. 

Consider CCTV 

CCTV (closes-circuit television) is another deterrent for many burglars. Some cameras can be rented out through a special security company, so that you don’t have to store the recorded footage. In some cases, even having a non-working camera fitted to your property could be enough to put off thieves.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about easy ways to burglar-proof your business.

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