Steve Jobs & Bill Gates 2007 D5 Interview

With the 3 Steve Jobs movies released over the past few years, and the constant news about Apple Watch / iPhone 7 / new IOS / stock prices, I thought the major interview they did in 2007 at D5 was fascinating to watch again. If you've read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, or just recently watched the new National Geographic Channel "American Genius" series, you are well aware of the very complex relationship Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had during the Microsoft vs Apple war for computer industry domination. I recommend watching the whole video when you have a chance to get excited for the new Steve Jobs movies and books that keep coming out! Watch and learn:

And if you are a fan of these innovative digital legends, here are some of my favorite motivational Steve Jobs quotes and insightful Bill Gates Quotes! Enjoy fellow computer nerds!

Steve Jobs Bill Gates D5 Interview 2007 Microsoft Apple Debate Discussion Paul Allen

I hope you enjoyed this video post about a throwback to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates meeting at the 2007 D5 Conference.   

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