Diversify Your Marketing Techniques!

Just like your investment portfolio, when it comes to your marketing campaigns you need to diversify for the best results. When you are promoting a company or event, you never want to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Let's take direct mailers for instance. While years ago mailers used to an effectiveness of about 10%, now they have an effectiveness of less than 1%. 

While you shouldn't avoid direct mailers completely, you probably do not want them to be the backbone of your marketing campaign. Radio and television advertisements are obviously effective but very expensive and maybe not even an option for a small business owner.  Social Media and Internet Marketing are excellent tools (you are reading this after all) but you also need to get out and meet new people face to face. Cold calls and telemarketing are going the way of the dinosaurs but can still be effective to a degree, they can take a lot of time though and therefore aren't very efficient on their own. Networking events and organizations are excellent but you need the phone and internet marketing to follow up with the new contacts that you meet. It all depends on your business, finances, and the demographic you are targeting but as you can see you need a combination of marketing strategies to pull off a successful campaign. If one option doesn't pan out for you, at least you haven't spent all of your time on marketing budget on that one avenue and others may be more successful. Remember that strategy, variety, and repetition is key in promoting your business!

Michael J. Schiemer
RESULTS Business Solutions
Digital Marketing & Social Media Professional

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