Frugal Green Biz Tip: Car Wash: Don't Bother Doing Yourself

If you're in sales, an independent contractor, or entrepreneur like myself, then you know the importance of meeting a client with a clean and well-polished car. It may not be the most important thing in the world, but it can certainly help you make a good impression on your client, coworker, etc. And while at first you might think it will save you money by washing your own car, you will probably end up spending more money (because time = money) and also creating a larger environmental footprint with water use.

So here's the deal. If you wash your car yourself you probably won't be spending much money at all on supplies and water. You will however be using a lot of water and spending a lot of time. You will be using significantly more water than a car wash, which has every amount down to an absolute science to save money, and you will also spend a lot of time washing it yourself. Let's say an average car costs an hour, maybe 90 minutes for an SUV, van, or truck. If you buy a $9 car wash, then you are saying your time is worth less than $9 an hour, and as little as $5 or $6! You could also be hurting the environment.

So what do I recommend? Go to the car wash, buy the cheapest wash option or even a monthly/annual package if you really need your car to look sharp, or pay $2 for a self-service car wash that has a timed power wash. That way you can't spend too much or waste too much water. Obviously don't do this if you have to drive more than a mile or two to the location, otherwise money and environmental benefits will be nullified. Follow these easy tips and your car will be looking clean and stylish for those clients. That could translate into extra revenue for you, since they might think you are more on top of things. Hope this helps your bottom line while helping our planet!

Published By Michael J. Schiemer
Owner & Marketing Consultant
RESULTS Business Solutions
Boston, Massachusetts

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