Business Review: Shift 2 Inbound Internet Marketing

The company SHIFT 2 INBOUND is incredible! A year ago I had only 1,000 Twitter Followers and a Klout Score of about 29, Now I have over 13,000 Twitter Followers and a Klout Score of 71 and Top +K Recipient Status! The founder Joann Lefebvre gave me incredible tips and strategies to improve my Social Media Performance which has translated into an enormous increase in sales and opportunities.

I've worked with JoAnn and Marshall Sponder of Shift 2 Inbound for over a year now and her social media expertise has really helped to improve my small business. I've met some great connections through her and my business social media has improved as well. An example of that is, by implementing her tips and strategies, I've added about 11,000 followers on Twitter and hundreds of clicks on my links via Twitter, all in less than a month! And that is just one example and the tip of the iceberg. Thanks JoAnn and I look forward to working with you on future projects and brainstorming sessions down the line.

Check out Shift 2 Inbound For Yourself & Your Business!

Published By Michael J. Schiemer
Owner & Marketing Consultant
Frugal Business Social Media Solutions
Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Also serving Worcester & Providence

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