6 Top Business Opportunities To Try 2024

top business opportunities to try

Finding successful online business ideas or starting a business from scratch might be difficult. Given the numerous options, it often feels as though the same business ideas have been done over and over again. You need to find some unique yet viable business models to take advantage of as we enter a shaky 2024 economy.

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In today’s marketplace, when so many products compete for attention, how does one even begin to sift through the dust and find the gems? Bright business models are out there, you just have to identify the right opportunity that speaks to you. There are plenty of smart startups, side hustles, and small businesses that you could consider starting or joining. But what business models and opportunities are worth your time, effort, and investment?

Below is a list of 6 top opportunities you may take advantage of right now to build a successful business that will be profitable in 2024. 

6 Top Business Opportunities To Consider In 2024

1. Container Shipping Services 

The shipping container business is rising, creating several opportunities for ambitious individuals. Many are looking for shipping containers that are available for sale or rent for many occasions. Shipping containers are the perfect structure for a one-time event, such as a pop-up art gallery or a music venue. It can also be used as an office space, a bike shop, or a beach bar. 

Before diving in, gathering as much information as possible about the industry is a smart move. It is best to establish a business plan to avoid making huge mistakes and then take steps toward that goal. 

The key is to specialize in serving a specific market. If you have the skill set to do so, opening a container shipping business can be a wise decision. 

2. Cleaning Services 

One of the cheapest businesses you can start quickly and bootstrap is a cleaner service. While it is far from glamorous, it can be a way to make a steady living and potentially more over time as you hire more cleaners and expanding your clientele. And let's face facts, cleaning services are more essential than ever before after recent global health events.

Start a cleaning service opportunity if cleaning is something you enjoy doing. You can start a cleaning service for homes, apartment buildings, and businesses with just a few employees, cleaning products, and reliable transportation. Providing a cleaning service is a simple business that can be started with little capital; all you need is a solid business strategy, some hard work, and some advertising to get started. The opportunities are endless to create cashflow as a cleaning company or side hustle.

You can make yourself noticeable if you provide extra services that established competitors also offer, like floor waxing or external power-washing, but at a lower price. Your new cleaning service might win out against them, for they would typically have too many customers. 

3. Digital Marketing Services 

The need for digital marketing services is growing as more companies move their operations online. You can start your digital marketing agency to help businesses establish their digital presence and expand their customer base. The following are some of the services that digital marketing agencies commonly provide: 

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
• Content Creation 
• Branding 
• Web Designing 
• Copywriting 

Since an agency may be run effectively from home, the initial investment required to launch the venture is low. You can focus on the areas where you excel and run an agency all by yourself, or you can outsource to those who do. 

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4. Childcare Services 

The current situation concerning childcare is critical. Due to health risk exposure, daycare closures, and rising prices, parents now have to care for their children at home. With demand and supply for childcare on the rise, now is a great time to launch a new childcare business.

Parents worldwide have realized just how difficult it is to raise their children every day at home while working and many are willing to pay more money not to do it by themselves. While it is unfortunate and unfair that in the United States and some other countries childcare is so costly, it is still a legitimate opportunity for daycares and child care centers to raise their prices.

Establishing a daycare center could be lucrative if you have a soft spot for kids and the administrative skills to pull it off legally. You must understand local and national laws along with employee background checks and strong insurance coverage policies to cover all your bases with this business model.

5. Event-Planning Services 

If you are interested in event planning, check out all the venues you could use for your event. You should tour each location with the marketing manager to see what services they offer and how they compare. 

Create a database that allows you to select potential areas based on specific criteria, such as the number of attendees, AV capabilities, the necessity for rental furniture, etc. Then, once you start planning an event with a customer, you can quickly and easily get the three or four venues that match the minimum requirements by asking what the most important ones are. 

There are also plenty of online events you can organize, host, and promote thanks to improved video conferencing software. Soon there will be more metaverse and VR events online that will need to be created and promoted for companies worldwide.

6. Hair Salon Services 

For those with an artistic eye for hair, starting a hair salon could be the perfect business move. If you want to help people feel and look their best, opening a salon is an excellent choice. 

As with any business that deals directly with customers, finding out what documentation and authorizations are necessary to operate a salon in your area is a priority. A business plan is then required. You can use this to your advantage when applying for business loans or other forms of finance you might need to purchase materials, goods, or machinery. The doors should be opened once everything has arrived and been set up properly for profits and performance. 

Spending money on ads will get your salon noticed, and you can even use social media to connect with locals and attract new clients. It is possible to make running a hair salon your full-time job if you want to, and it is a terrific side company to start up. 

Build Better Businesses 

Starting a business and achieving success in it can be challenging and demanding but also gratifying. If you are at a loss for what business ideas to pursue, you may give one of the suggestions mentioned in this post a shot. 

Just make sure to do your due diligence, find what you are passionate about, put in the work, and be patient! Business success doesn't usually happen overnight, so it will probably take endless effort and patience. 

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