3 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies Businesses Use

successful digital marketing strategies businesses use

The digital revolution has brought many opportunities and challenges to marketers in the past few years. The move into the online domain has created sensations like Amazon, Google and Facebook who have all become multi-billion dollar businesses in little more than two decades. There are entire industries that rely solely on the Internet. Digital streaming services and iGaming are two great examples here, as sectors that are increasingly on the rise in the last few years in the US. If you check websites like playinglegal.com, you’ll find dozens of popular gaming and betting providers that have positioned themselves on the market with successful marketing strategies. 

The impact of the shift online doesn’t just affect tech companies. After all, over 82% of consumers will check their mobile devices about items that they buy in-store. All of which means that it’s essential for all brands to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies. 

So what are the digital marketing strategies that successful US brands are using today, and how can they be used to safeguard your brand’s business interests during these turbulent times? 

Embracing The Online Environment 

While certain industries will struggle in the online domain, many companies have found great success by moving their operations into the digital realm. Restaurants are a great example here, as they’re utilizing delivery and e-commerce platforms to showcase their menus and ship orders directly to people’s homes. 

Such a tactic is only possible thanks to the greater bandwidth afforded by the latest broadband technologies. But such a strategy has successfully been implemented by a variety of industries ranging from entertainment to education. After all, figures recently released by Omdia have stated that total internet hits have surged by up to 70% in the past few months, so it’s a good time to get your brand online. 

Even if your business’ operations don’t adapt quickly to the online environment, we can recommend some other marketing strategies such as direct mail and personalized marketing that can work wonders for your brand. 

Taking Advantage Of TikTok 

All digital marketers will know all about marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But TikTok is the latest social media channel that all brand’s must familiarize themselves with if they have any hope of reaching younger demographics. 

While TikTok is predominantly known as being a video-based lip syncing platform, it has already clocked up a staggering 800 million global users. 

The denim lifestyle brand Guess was one of the first companies to use TikTok marketing. This featured the company launching its #InMyDenim hashtag challenge. As a result, anybody could use the app to carry out a 15-second transformation which would then be shared and promoted by the fashion brand. Such was the success of this digital marketing strategy that it has been adopted by companies ranging from the Chipotle Mexican fast food chain to the NBA basketball league. 

Benefiting From Webinars 

We have witnessed a flurry of businesses embracing webinars over the past few months. These are a kind of online seminar that uses web conferencing to transform the regular presentation of a product or service into a real-time conversation with a target audience. Many small businesses have benefited from introducing their own YouTube how-to tutorials, but webinars can take things to the next level by offering an interactive way to get to know your key customer base. 

Such webinars aren’t just useful educational tools, but they have been proven to be endlessly effective as a digital marketing strategy. Webinars are great as they allow large numbers of people to participate from all over the world, and the operating costs can be relatively low. 

Recently we have seen anything from massive tech companies like Intel to sporting brands and food processing solutions firms embracing webinars, and it looks to be a trend that’s set to continue beyond the current global turmoil.

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