What To Consider When Using Software Like LeadPages

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Picking the perfect landing page builder for your online business isn't always going to be an easy decision. After all, it feels like there's a new landing page builder coming out every month now. 

So what should you consider when it comes to making the best landing page choice for you? Be sure to keep reading on to get the help that you need. 

Core Aspects Of The Best Landing Page Software 

The good news about landing page software is that they all come with very similar and important elements. 

So before you start your research and collect notes, make sure that you keep in mind these important topics when it comes to landing page software. 

Landing Page Software Pricing 

For some people, this can actually be one of the biggest deal-breakers when it comes to purchasing a landing page software. Fortunately enough, LeadPages happens to come along with one of the best pricing plans currently on the market. 

Not only can you create an unlimited amount of landing pages, but you can do it for as low as $25 per month if you pay annually. This is a monumental discount when you compare it to some of the other landing page builders that can cost as much as $97 per month. 

LeadPages certainly hits the bullseye when it comes to price and value. If you'd like to learn more about the LeadPages pricing, read this detailed post by IMNights

Features That Help With Your Marketing 

Aside from the price of your landing page builder, it's important that you take a look at the features that it has to offer. For example with LeadPages, they offer a variety of features that can really help you out when it comes to building and growing your online business. 

And aside from being able to create landing pages, you can also create websites, pop-ups, and even alert bars. Pop-ups and alerts bars are great tools for getting more overall clicks, leads, and sales. You can easily attach them to your landing pages or websites. 

To make things even better, you can create an unlimited amount of pop-ups, alert bars, and even landing pages (as I previously mentioned). 

If you're looking for even more features, there are always two more pricing plans that you can utilize to get helpful features such as split testing and even check out pages. Split testing is a very easy way to squeeze the most amount of conversions out of your landing pages. 

Check out pages are going to be important if you plan on selling any type of offer, product, or service. You can literally run an entire online business just with the help of a landing page builder, and that's something that a lot of online marketers really like. 

Helpful Reviews And Free Trials 

Nowadays, the norm for landing page builders is to come with some type of trial. Whether it be completely free or even just $1, it's always worth utilizing their trial just to make sure that the landing page builder is going to be perfect for you. 

Aside from actually using the software for yourself, you can always do some research and check around the internet for helpful reviews. 

It's similar to when you're buying anything else in life, it's good to ask around and get other opinions on how the specific software works and functions. When you combine helpful reviews with the process of trying out the saw for yourself, you just can't go wrong. 

After all, the last thing you want to do is invest in a landing page builder only to realize that it's not exactly what you were looking for. Let's now take a look at one more element when it comes to picking your landing page builder. 

Valuable Customer Support 

This is usually the last thing that you'd be thinking of when it comes to landing page software, but it's also very important. After all, how often do you even plan on asking for help especially if the software works as it should? 

Nevertheless, there are always going to be questions that you need to be answered regardless of the software functioning correctly. That's why it's always great when you can get all-star customer support. 

Not only is having great customer support needed, but it also needs to be quick. If something big happens to your pages, you're going to want your questions answered immediately if not sooner. You can always test the quality of customer support during your trial duration. 


So those are a few of the helpful elements that you should keep in mind when it comes to utilizing a landing page builder like LeadPages. I hope that article will allow you to save plenty of time, effort, money, and even stress from avoiding the wrong software.

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