Top 10 Best Enterprise Companies In The U.S.

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In the United States we like talking about the best: the best athletes, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and much more. We seem to have a fascination with it, the idea that this person’s status can be marveled at. Moreover, maybe it could be achieved by one of us someday, and we can know greatness like the others on these lists of the best. 

While there is a lot up to debate as to the role that societal factors play, there is a unique charm to the U.S. in its love for success stories—what some may cite as a sign of American Determinism. Among businesses, success stories are often focused on businesses that grew from the ground up—businesses that started as an idea and grew from there. Surprisingly, many of the examples seen in this category can be described as enterprise businesses: businesses that have expanded to a global level, where they have a large audience that spans many areas of focus and interest. 

It is useful to look into these businesses if you are interested in enhancing your business to the enterprise level, as it can provide insight as to how they got to where they did. Was it industry connections or sheer luck? Was it a single successful advertising campaign or a well-planned affiliate marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at some of the most successful enterprise companies in the U.S. for 2024 and see just what makes them work.

most successful enterprise companies microsoft

1. Microsoft 

Microsoft has been a household name for decades, particularly for the software and programs they develop, which help run the operating systems of many of the computers we rely on for work. Moreover, the company has achieved its global success thanks to the software they sell, bringing in most of the profit for the company. 

In recent years, Microsoft has continued to improve its success, thanks to the shift to cloud computing services, while still offering the business staple that is Office 365. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn years ago as well which has paid off. MSFT now are incorporating OpenAI ChatGPT artificial intelligence technology into many of their products, including revamping their Bing search engine to grow more market share. MS continues to be one of the most valuable companies in the world with huge influence on multiple industries.

2. IBM 

Similar to Microsoft, IBM is the premier manufacturer of global tech. Anytime an enterprise business needs a specific product to be made, they can be sure they will receive help from IBM, whether they need updated servers, storage space, or network devices. 

IBM has been making waves for the past decade as a leader in the “big data” market, helping to fuel the digital connectivity that is the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, they have made incredible leaps in the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), developing machine-learning capabilities to a point where it is becoming more ubiquitous in its use throughout digital marketing. 

3. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp has become the brand-name service for global businesses looking to target customers with precise emails and marketing campaigns. While the enterprise business has three products it provides to businesses, its real power is in the Mailchimp product, which allows businesses to schedule emails for delivery while providing statistics once they arrive—such as how recipients engage with them. 

This is especially helpful to businesses in the digital marketing world, as the simplicity of scheduling and added analytics allows for the development of smarter email campaigns that work. It has recently been transitioning into a full service digital marketing software platform with increased features.

shopify top enterprise company united states

4. Shopify 

For eCommerce businesses, Shopify has become the primary hub for hosting an online store. Its platform allows inexperienced web designers to easily create a website that fits their business’s style and demeanor, making it easy to begin selling products in no time. Furthermore, its retail point-of-sale (POS) system lets owners and marketers readily track statistics to watch the performance from day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month to better understand business success. 

5. Oracle 

Similar to Microsoft and IBM, Oracle is another enterprise company providing hardware and software around the globe. The company has continued to receive acclaim in recent years for its creation and management of private cloud systems, which allow businesses to safely store their data in one accessible place. 

6. Google (Alphabet)

Google is a powerhouse across the spectrum. With more than 100 products focused on internet services, Google has cornered the market and become a business necessity for its cloud service, online advertising capabilities, and digital analytics. Furthermore, it is a household name for its premier search engine—where somewhere someone on the globe is almost always thinking “I should Google that.” 

7. Adobe 

The software products provided by Adobe are premier products utilized by professionals in industries including marketing, printing, and publishing. It is a company that has been around for decades, growing consistently in that time, creating updates along the way that have ensured they remain titans within the industry.

best enterprise companies us adobe

8. SAP 

You may not have heard of SAP, but it is an essential resource for businesses around the globe. The software company provides an enterprise application software that is used by a majority of companies, which allows transaction revenue to be transmitted across the internet. Meanwhile, its enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an extremely helpful tool that helps businesses track their goings-on to maintain efficiency at all costs. 

9. Slack 

Slack has become a standard for startups around the globe, as its collaborative tools make it easy for employees to remain in contact with one another through its extensive chat feature. Furthermore, video conferencing makes it easy to hold meetings even while out of the office, and productivity trackers help make sure that projects meet their deadlines in due time. In the time of hybrid working and WFH, this enterprise SaaS platform has only become more popular, all thanks to a majority of businesses taking on remote work for employee safety.  

10. Hewlett Packard 

Hewlett Packard, known more commonly as HP, has been around since 1939 as a top technology, computer, and hardware company. It is now split up into HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) companies, both of which are publicly traded with large market caps. Even after the company split and lost the top spot of biggest global computer maker, HP is a massively successful company that continues to serve companies around the world along with DTC customers in 2024.

Other Top Successful Enterprise Companies In The US 

- Apple
- Salesforce 
- HubSpot 
- Meta
- Verizon 
- Dell 
- Cisco 
- Nvidia 
- Corning

Follow The Leaders In Enterprise Tech

If you feel invigorated by the above examples, it might be time to start putting in the work toward developing your business into one of enterprise quality. With patience, you can achieve your goals and begin making headway. Implementing digital marketing goals such as an expansive social media campaign, an enterprise affiliate marketing strategy, and global expansion can help your business thrive outside its existing circle, putting you on a path to successful growth.

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