Entrepreneur – How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship When You Travel A Lot For Work

how entrepreneur maintain healthy relationships traveling for business

Life as an entrepreneur can be difficult, particularly if you spend much of your time on the road. But what do you do when it starts putting strain on your personal relationships? Do you give up your passion and find another line of work that doesn’t involve so much travelling? Or are there things that you can try to help maintain a healthy relationship while on the road? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about maintaining relationships while traveling for work as an entrepreneur or digital nomad. 

8 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Maintain Healthy Relationships While Traveling For Work

1. Be Honest About Everything 

Whether you travel with work often or not, communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship, full stop. However, it’s even more important to be open and honest about your feelings when one of you is on the road frequently. Being apart from one another can be tough and speaking about your feelings can be equally as difficult. In any case, you mustn’t keep any hidden secrets, thoughts, or concerns from your partner. 

2. Keep Yourselves Busy 

Being the one on the road, you are likely going to be busy anyway, but make sure that your partner remains similarly active as well. One of the biggest killers of relationships where one partner travels a lot is when the person staying at home doesn’t have anything to keep them occupied. Embrace your favourite hobbies and find your passion so that you don’t necessarily have to be glued to the phone and talking to one another. 

3. Video Call Regularly 

You should do more than just exchange the occasional text message to say goodnight. Make time for regular video calls and talk about how your days went. This is a great opportunity to keep the relationship feeling ‘normal’ and remaining in touch with one another. 

4. Get Freaky Over Webcam 

While on the subject of video calling one another, it doesn’t just have to be about catching up on how your days went. In fact, if you really want to build anticipation and keep the flame alive then it’s a good opportunity to enjoy some mutual masturbation. There are many sex toys for sale online which can help you facilitate this, such as remote vibrators which allow one partner to control the intensity and functionality of the other’s sex toy. 

5. Keep The Romance Very Much Alive 

Never be embarrassed to send one another sentimental text messages about how much you love each other. Keep that romance alive with little gestures that demonstrate just how important your partner is to you. Send them regular gifts and surprise them with love-letters and flowers. 

6. Watch Movies Together 

When you know you’re going to have some spare time after work in the evening, try and sync up with your partner and use that time to watch a movie or series together as you normally would. This won’t always be easy depending on the time difference, however, there are some amazing apps out there which can allow you to stream Netflix and other platforms with almost perfect synchronicity, whilst being able to talk to one another! It will be like you’re in the same room together bundled up on the sofa. 

7. Share Social Media 

While your friends and family might not appreciate the regular updates with every single detail about your day, your partner certainly will. There are certain social media platforms that are designed solely for couples where you can create a sort of private scrap book where you can both engage and share the more intimate details that other people might not be interested in. 

8. Remain Faithful 

Travelling is an amazing way to meet new people and experience new things but if you are in a relationship you must not give in to temptation. It’s perfectly natural to feel attracted to other people and have sexual thoughts, however, that doesn’t make it OK to act on them. If you both wish to maintain a healthy relationship and build a life together then you must both be in it 100%. This will help you get through the lonely and stressful times as a traveling entrepreneur in a relationship.

Make A Big Thing Of Your Grand Reunion 

Even if you are only away for a week or so at a time, you should always make a really big deal about your grand reunion! Make sure your partner meets you at the airport or vice versa and make it extra special. Plan a romantic evening together and treat it as though you’ve spent years apart and you two lovers are finally being reunited. Having these little rituals that you can share when you return from your travels is a really effective way of keeping that flame alive, building anticipation, and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship when you travel often with work as an entrepreneur. Hopefully distance will make the heart grow fonder and not be an impediment to your relationship!

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