How To Gauge The Success Of A Startup Venture

startup guide how to gauge new business success measurement

It often happens that founders and entrepreneurs get ideas that can become the next big thing. Such an idea can be anything from a problem solver to a new usage regime. It can span from the artificial intelligence-based algorithm use to aid services to tweaks in the existing products. 

You can cover all the basics that are essential to set up a new business. It can include setting up your office with the inclusion of appropriate stationery, licenses, upholstery, etc. 

You will also need a custom embosser to authorize documents, bolster the brand, or protect your specialized work. It can serve numerous purposes, from your creative endeavors to professional ones. 

Once the basics are in place, you need to evaluate your idea properly. Does your idea have the potential to sustain over the long run, or can it be a viable business model? 

This article tries to delve a little deeper and evaluate your startup idea and business plan. 

The Need And Competition 

For any business, it is always vital to find out about the competition. Before getting to the development phase, if you can ascertain the need and the competition, it can help foster innovation. 

When creating a product or crafting a new service, it is crucial to be distinct from your competition and have a unique offering. Such an offering should be basis the user’s needs. For this, you need to find out what your service or product can do better? You can compare your ideas with similar products available online. 


Filmmakers use the craft of storyboarding more often for their films. As an entrepreneur, you can refer to this aspect of filmmaking too. Such an act can help you visualize your ideas better, gauge the progress of product development, identify the resources you need, or help understand the need for a focus group. 

In a nutshell, storyboarding can help you to ideate about the general development process. For example, if you have an idea in the fitness sector, your storyboard can have: 

• Defining the user persona 
• Research 
• Defining the problem statement 
• Crafting the pitching strategy 
• Scouting team members or partners 
• Funding 
• Testing 
• Building an alpha 
• Building a beta 
• Launching the minimum viable product 

The Experience 

During the development phase of your startup, your goal is to achieve an MVP or Minimum Value Product. This step should ideally help you to get the investors, attract the initial trials or early adopters, market your idea, and comprehend the user needs better. 

You will need a team that has the appropriate skill set and the right experience to do all of these successfully. 

The experience of initiating and managing a business can be handy. It helps you to get rid of the problems that are recurring in nature. For example, it can include activities relating to technology procurement, organization, and execution. 

Identifying The Essential 

To launch the MVP it is crucial to finalize what will reach the users first. Such an approach can help you to focus and improve one aspect at a time to make it fail-proof. 

For example, let us consider you want to do something in the education sector. Your idea requires you to onboard teachers and have an artificial intelligence-enabled system that helps to identify students' depth of knowledge. You will need to undertake negotiations or teacher onboarding in the first phase, and in the later stage, you can create the AI-based algorithm. 

However, the decision to carry out which activity first completely depends on you. As a good practice, you can check which activity takes lesser resources to initiate. If you have more developers on your team, it may be easier for you to deploy the AI system first. While if you have the procurement program already in place, you may want to onboard the teachers first. 

Skill Check 

For a technology-driven product that makes use of artificial intelligence-based algorithms, it is imperative to have a team whose skill set can help to design smart systems that can suggest the various plans automatically. However, the system should be intelligent enough to have the capacity to intuitively switch the parameters for various requirements. 

Therefore, once you weigh all the abilities and consider the various aspects, you can stitch them together in the initial story. It can help you to make the process of tab creation easy and move in the right direction. 

Startup Smart

The consideration of the above parameters and checking what the team lacks can help you to work on the shortcomings and plan your startup accordingly. Keep an open mind, be able to take constructive criticism, and hustle hard to ensure startup success.

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